Hot Melt System Cleaner

Cattie Adhesives – Hot Melt System Cleaner

What is Hot Melt System Cleaner?

Hot Melt System Cleaner, also called “Hot Melt Purge” is an Organic, Non-Toxic, hot melt application equipment cleaning product that attacks the charred contaminants and hot melt in your tank, hoses and guns. It thoroughly cleans your hot melt equipment of char and gel, dissolves the charred adhesive, prevents clogged nozzles, and slows equipment failure.

Our Hot Melt Purge is organic, solvent-free and an excellent choice for cleaning your hot melt equipment. Regular cleaning of your hot melt equipment with our Hot Melt System Purge will add years to the life of your hot melt equipment, hoses, modules and heads.

Our Hot Melt Purge is a high strength, industrial grade cleaner that outperforms competitive products in purging or cleaning of hot melt tanks, hoses and guns. It removes degrading adhesive, gels and even char buildup from the sides of tanks and hoses.

Hot Melt Purge is a great option for simple equipment cleanup/maintenance –  Or when you are switching from one hot melt adhesive to another type.

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Spray Adhesive

 Cattie Adhesives – Spray Adhesive

What is Spray Adhesive?

Spray Adhesive, also called  “Multipurpose Spray Adhesive”  is a specially formulated, fast-drying, industrial strength adhesive designed to stick to a wide variety of lightweight materials.

Cattie Adhesives supplies an  Industrial Strength Spray Adhesive  that is a clear, water white, non-staining, mist-type adhesive that does not contain methylene chloride.  It has fast, aggressive tack and low soak-in; making it a great choice for bonding to most lightweight porous surfaces.

Our Industrial Strength Spray Adhesive can be used for various applications including- Fabrics, Foams, Lightweight Assembly, Display and Packaging, Case Sealing and Labeling Applications.  It forms strong bonds to materials including paper, felt, cardboard, fabric, polyurethane foam, plastic, metal, wood and more.

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