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Envelope Manufacturing Adhesives

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Cattie Adhesives – Envelope Manufacturing Adhesives

Our Envelope manufacturing adhesives are formulated to meet a wide range of applications and equipment performance requirements.

We can custom formulate our envelope adhesives to meet your specific bonding needs: from long open-time, slow-setting contact applications to fast-setting extrusion adhesives.

Our products offer excellent machining and superior bonding to all types of natural and synthetic substrates – including –  papers, coated stocks and various Low Energy Surfaces including PET, PP, or treated PE.


Front Seal Adhesive

Cattie Adhesives offers both water-based and hot melt Remoisten-able Front-Seal adhesives for a variety of application and performance requirements. Our Remoisten-able hot melts offer superior machining and block resistance under the most hot and humid climates.

Back Gum

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full range of back gums and side seam adhesives for the slow open-end application to the fastest non-contact extrusion seam gum applications. Our products are designed for optimal machine application performance, and have excellent throwing resistance and gum box stability.

Side Seam

Cattie Adhesives supplies a full range of back gums and side seam adhesives for the slowest open-end application to the fastest non-contact extrusion seam gum application. Our products have excellent machine application performance, and have excellent throwing resistance and gum box stability.

Window Patch Gum

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a line of very low VOC patch gums, that also exhibit excellent gum box stability. Many of our patch gums are also excellent non-contact extrusion seam gums and can offer great cost savings to our envelope producer.

Pre-Applied Front Gum

In some cases, the front seal gum is activated by the end-user to seal the envelope.  We supply dextrin, resin, and resin-dextrin seal gums. Our front seal gums have excellent adhesion, re-tack speed, lay-flat, and humidity resistance.

Specialty Gums

Cattie Adhesives has a full line of specialty gums that includes natural rubber latex self-seal gums, synthetic resin self-seal gums, hot-melt PSA adhesives, hot-melt re-moisten adhesives,  and adhesives that will bond most natural or synthetic substrates.

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Envelope Manufacturing Adhesives for the following types of machines:


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