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Product Assembly Adhesives

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of Hot Melts and Water-based adhesives for General Product Assembly and Lamination Assembly applications.

Our Product Assembly adhesives and Laminating adhesives are designed to bond many components and materials including Foams, Plastics, Wood, Glass and Metals and our adhesives can be Custom Formulated for Strong, Fast setting-Permanent bonding applications; or for Temporary/Removable adhesive applications.

Our Product Assembly adhesives can be designed for use on  specific adhesive application equipment  and are made to bond to difficult substrates like fiberglass, nylon, plastics, rubber, foam and difficult to bond metals.


Product Assembly Adhesives for:

  • Foam to foam bonding
  • Foam to fabric bonding
  • Filters – Air, Water and Oil Filter Assembly
  • Foam and Mattress constructionfiber_drum 55gal_steel_drum
  • Coatings for fiberglass
  • Gasket Attachment
  • Cable and Wire Flooding
  • Laminating film to fabrics
  • Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts
  • Hot Melts for Profile Wrapping
  • Laminating – Liquid Systems, Paper
  • Liquid Systems for Profile Wrapping
  • PUR – One Component Liquid Reactive Polyurethane Adhesive
  • PUR – Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Profile Wrapping
  • Contact adhesives & Foam Fabricating adhesives
  • Cold & Hot Press Laminating adhesives for: panel-on-frame, Core laminating, high-pressure laminate gluing
  • Solar Panel adhesives
  • Textile adhesives

    Product Assembly Adhesives for:

    Woodworking | Profile Wrapping
    Woodworking | Panel Wrapping
    Woodworking | Hot Coating
    Woodworking | High Gloss Applications
    Woodworking | Fleece Backed Veneer
    Woodworking | Flat Lamination
    Woodworking | Board to Board Lamination – Lath Gluing

    Specialized Product Assembly | Spiral Beading Assembly
    Specialized Product Assembly | RV and Manufactured Housing
    Specialized Product Assembly | Roofing Products
    Specialized Product Assembly | Pur for Filter Industry
    Specialized Product Assembly | Polyamide for Filter Industry
    Specialized Product Assembly | Pipe Wrapping
    Specialized Product Assembly | Insulation Coating/Bonding
    Specialized Product Assembly | Insulated Glass
    Specialized Product Assembly | Flooring
    Specialized Product Assembly | Door Manufacturing
    Specialized Product Assembly | Air Filter Pleating
    Specialized Product Assembly | Adhesive-Backed Foam and Insulation

    Coating | Wide Web Coating
    Coating | Tape Coating
    Coating | Narrow Width Web Coating
    Coating | Master Roll Transparent Label Coating
    Coating | Laminating with Hot Melt
    Coating | Laminating
    Coating | In-Line Printing
    Coating | Hot Sealing Paper Treatments
    Coating | Coating Packing List Envelopes
    Coating | Coating of Insulated Materials

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 Product Assembly Adhesives for the following types of Glue Spreaders, Hot Melt Roller Coater and Laminator machines:


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