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Cattie Adhesives manufactures a Full Line of Heat Seal for Labels and Lidding.  Our Heat Sealing products include:

Hot Melt Heat Seal Adhesives – Heat Seal Tapes & Films – Water-based Heat Seal – Solvent based Heat Seal.

Our Heat Seal Coatings can be applied by different methods including –  Knife over roll, reverse roll, nip roller, gravure, brush, spray or roller.  The Heat Sealing process can be performed Both In-line or after initial application.

Our Heat Seals can also be Custom formulated for specialty applications to meet requirements for –  viscosity, solids %, non-blocking, clarity & heat sealing temperature.  Cattie Adhesives offers a wide range of heat seal adhesives in order to create optimal packaging solutions. Our Goal is to optimize the heat seal adhesive for your specific process,  to maximize the effectiveness on your application machinery.

We have the ability to Coat our Heat Seals onto many different substrates including  –  felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various Food packaging, Medical and Industrial applications.

We can NOW supply our Heat Seal adhesive products in  – Tape and Coated Roll Stock Form.  Click here for more information.

Heat Seal for Packaging

Coated Roll Stock – for Industrial – Medical – Food Packaging

Roll Stock Materials:

  • White kraft papers – 25# to 70#

  • C1S bleach kraft – 60#

  • Brown kraft papers – 40# to 70#

  • Foil – 2Mil

Roll Stock Size options:

  • Minimum width: 1 “

  • Maximum width: 32 “

  • Core materials: Fiber / Plastic

  • Core inside diameter:  2 “, 3 “, 6 “

  • Roll Length: 500 ‘  –  7500 ‘


    • Hot melt adhesive

  • Water-based adhesive

Heat Seal and Lidding Adhesives for Packaging

Heat seal and lidding adhesives for packaging can be supplied in the form of  Hot Melt Heat Seal AdhesiveHeat Seal Films & Tape – Water-based Heat Seal – Solvent based Heat Seal Coating.

To select the best heat seal adhesive type for your application – it is important to consider both the end use and the converting machine and process that makes the final heat seal.

We can help you determine the best heat seal adhesive for your label or lidding process.  In addition to the  – Proper activation temperature for a heat seal adhesive, considerations such as the  – Amount of pressure being applied  the  – Heat sealing temperature required to complete the final seal, and the  – Dwell time  (the time that the heat will be applied to the heatseal adhesive).  All these factors, will have an impact on the type of heat seal adhesive we will recommend.  Selecting the correct heat seal adhesive will ensure that your equipment runs well and produces high quality product.

Food Grade Heat Seal Adhesive

All of our label, lidding and packaging Heat Seal adhesives for the food & beverage industry meet the requirements of the   FDA Adhesives regulation:   21CFR175.105 Indirect Food Additives.  

We have years of industry knowledge and experience, our chemists are available to assist you with choosing the right adhesive products.  Contact us today to help you to determine the best heat seal adhesive technology and application equipment for your production process.

Some examples of our Heat Sealing adhesive applications are:

  • Decorative laminates.

  • Film to fiberglass.

  • Film to foams.

  • Film to Foil /metalized film.

  • Heat seal lacquered aluminum foil.

  • Food grade heat seal lacquer foil.

  • Pharmaceutical blister pack foil.

  • Fire retardant heat seals.

  • Food packaging.

  • PVC to film.

  • Specialty heat seal applications.

  • Textiles for heat sealing.

  • Transfer decal film lamination.

  • Lacquered Aluminum Foil roll for processed cheese wrap.

Below are some of our most common types of Heat Seal Adhesives:

# 7-8258

7-8258 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive –  58% Solids,  100cps.  A packaging adhesive polymer that is heat reactive, self-curing acrylic latex with carboxyl functionality.  Strong adhesion to polar substances with excellent water resistance; fast drying and high bond strength for wet laminations; high oil and plasticiser resistance after crosslinking; broad FDA approvals.   Excellent for wet laminating because it dries rapidly and develops high bond strength quickly. It performs well in high speed laminating operations.  # 7-8258 also forms strong bonds at relatively low heat sealing temperatures – critical for many of today’s temperature-sensitive substrates.  It has good specific adhesion to most polar substrates, and it forms tough, permanent bonds. It also has good water resistance.

# HS410

HS410 is an EVA type heat seal film adhesive – Self-wound on a 42# silicon liner that is transferable from the silicon liner.  HS410 has a wide range activation temperature with good adhesion to a variety of substrates including metals, coated films, papers and plastics. It was designed for bonding to difficult substrates in the sanding disc and Tin Tie adhesive markets.


Adhesive Coat Weight lbs.:  14 ± 2.
Adhesive Softening Point °F:  175 ± 5.
Activation Temperature °F:  250 – 265.
Application Temperature °F:  300 – 350.
Dwell Time Sec:  0.2 plus (Depending on temperature and pressure).

General Information – HS410 Adhesive is specifically formulated for bonding to metal, non-woven, paper and film substrates. All ingredients used in the makeup of this adhesive meet the requirements for FDA Regulation 175.105 “Adhesives”.

# 7-26387

7-26387 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 61% Solids,  300cps.  Flexible with adhesion to glass, metal and wood; high filler loading; thickens with pH; recommended for caulk and sealant applications.

# 7-3005

7- 3005 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 47% Solids,  500cps.  Low temperature heat seal; fast seal time; suitable for flexible packaging; high gloss; FDA 175.105; 175.300; 175.320; 176.170; 176.180; 177.1210.

# 7-3028

7-3028 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 50% Solids,  1000cps.  Suitable for paper-to-film, film-to-film heat seal applications.

# 7-26084

7-26084 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 48% Solids,  100cps.  Suitable for paper coating; excellent solvent and plasticiser resistance; self-crosslinking; blendable with natural rubber; broad FDA approvals.

# 7-26288

7-26288 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 49% Solids,  100cps.  Recommended for nylon, mylar and paper substrates; excellent scrub resistance; can be used for heat seal and cold seal formulations; broad FDA approvals.

# 7-26315

7-26315 Acrylic Emulsion heat seal adhesive – 49% Solids,  50cps.  Tack-free hard polymer; recommended for paper substrates; excellent water resistance and heat stability; excellent scrub resistance; broad FDA approvals.

For Help Choosing the best heat seal adhesive for Your Application

Please Call us at  800-249-0337  – To Request a Product SDS, TDS, Pricing, Lead times, and to explore the many adhesive options we have to offer. We look forward to providing you with the  adhesive that will maximize efficiency and profitability for your company.

Our Heat Seal adhesives are widely used for these applications:

  • Credit Card Lamination

  • Food Packaging

  • Paper Converting

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Flexible Packaging

  • Laminating

  • Yogurt Lidding

  • Blister Packaging

For more detailed information on our complete line of heat seal products, to speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at 1-(800) 249-0337 or email us at sales@cattieadhesives.com

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