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Adhesive Description:  # 8702

# 8702  is a very fast drying,  1-part,  water-based Foam Fabrics adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

# 8702   is commonly used as a foam fabrics adhesive and can also be used for bonding many other  – porous  to  non-porous substrates; including non-woven fabrics, metals, woods and plastics.

# 8702   applications include bonding various foams –  fabrics –  cotton/polyester fibers –   woods –  plastics –  corrugated board –  rubbers –  leathers –  vinyls –   non-wovens.

# 8702  is a single component water-borne adhesive  designed to spray  and make immediate bonds in foam fabricating applications.

It exhibits instant tack with excellent green strength and high heat resistance.

Available in Red as #  8702R  and Yellow as #  8702Y.

Key Properties of Adhesive:

  • Excellent bonding to Foam Fabrics Adhesive, non-porous materials

  • Very-Fast drying

  • High yield

  • Instant bonds

  • Fast processing

  • One-side application

  • Repositionability

  • High temperature resistance

  • Soft bond lines

  • Solvent free, No VOCs

Primary Industries

Foam Fabrication – Bedding – Furniture – Transportation

Primary Substrates –Used for bonding:

  • Foams

  • Fabric

  • Polyester

  • Cotton

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Cardboard

  • Rubber

  • Leather

  • Vinyl

  • Non-wovens

Application Methods

  • Manual Brush or Roll Coat.

  • Manual / Automatic Spray.

  • Automatic Roll Coating.

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