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Copolyamide and Copolyester Hot Melt

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Cattie Adhesives offers a full line of thermoplastic copolyamides and copolyester hot melt in Powder and Granule forms.

Our hot melt adhesives are used for coating and laminating textiles, apparel interlining and for non-textile applications.

We offer custom made products for a variety of applications including – Apparel  –  Automotive Interiors  –  Industrial  –  Construction  –  Electronics  –  Upholstery  –  Various Sports Applications.

Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesives can be applied with common processing methods. The hot melt granules and powders can be extruded into films –  nets and webs for many industries.

With over 40 years of experience in the adhesives business – Cattie Adhesives is a trusted leader in the manufacturing of bulk –  COPOLYAMIDE AND COPOLYESTER HOT MELT ADHESIVES.

Our Key Product Benefits Include:

  • High End performance for Dry Cleaning chemical resistance

  • Laundry cycle chemical resistance

  • Solvent free Adhesive

  • Slow to Very Fast Setting

  • Various product forms – Granules and Powders

  • ECO friendly

Key Applications Include:

  • Apparel

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Electronics

  • Packaging

Below are some of our most common types of  Copolyamide and CopolyesterAdhesive Applications:

Back Injection Moulding for Automotive Pillars

  • The technology of back injection moulding simplifies the covering of automotive interiors with textiles. During this process, the laminate is back injection moulded with a polymer. This process is widely used for ABC-pillars and car interior door trim production.
  • We offer custom formulated copolyesters and copolyamides hot melts designed for in-between the barrier non-woven and textile layers.
  • Our products are available in granules and powder forms; and they are suitable for application on all coating equipment types.
  • Our products eliminate the orange peel effect.
  • Unlike cross linking adhesives; Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melts re-soften with heat and sticks well to the laminate during the moulding process.

Copolyamide hot melt for Wire Coating
  • Most Metal wires for electrical and electronic components are coated with polymers. 

  • Our copolyamides have all properties needed for this application including Solubility in common solvents.

  • Very low friction coefficient enabling a faster winding of the wires.

  • Fast crystallization speed shortens the dwell time in the mould.

  • Low water absorption creates dimensional stability.

  • Excellent cohesion and adhesion properties guarantee a long life cycle for the components.

Copolyester Hot Melt for Automotive Filters

We offer a full line of copolyester hotmelt adhesives to produce automotive air filters.

  • The high flexibility of our hotmelt adhesives can be adjusted for the production of various filter applications.
  • With melting points of up to 200°C; Our hotmelt adhesives offer very high thermal stability.
  • Our Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic and can be re-melted.
  • Bonded filters can be reheated during later assembly to temperatures near the Softening point.
  • Very Fast Tack and Set times equal extremely high production speed.
  • Minimal water uptake of copolyester hot melt increases product stability.
  • Cohesion and adhesion properties mean strong bonds and long life cycles for finished product.
  • No stress cracking means perfectly sealed filters.
  • Our copolyesters are light colored and odorless with low fogging value.

Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesives- Used for Flame Bonding:

  • Our Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesives are used in Flame bonding of fabrics and foams for automotive interiors by automotive manufacturers.

  • The VOC’s created by burning foam surfaces are released into the car interior. Along with fogging, which causes a permanent coating to form on the inside of the vehicle’s windows.

  • Our hotmelt adhesives based on copolyester, have been successfully established as an alternative for flame bonding. The small percentage of VOCs contained in our hot melts are well below the limits defined by the automotive industry.

  • Our Copolyesters offer – high bonding strength –  low usage –  excellent seat comfort.

  • Our Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt products are available in different powder fractions or as granules.

Copolyamide and Copolyester Hot Melt Adhesives for Home and Office applications:

Our hotmelt adhesives are widely used for laminating textiles for office applications.

Some common uses include:

  • Divider walls for offices

  • Desk chairs

  • Window blinds – shutters – screens

Coating the fabric with Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesive; improves resistance to slippage and the amount of rejected material is decreased.

The bonding performance to different substrates such as – wood, metal, glass, nonwovens and light-weight foams in combination with short cycle times, make our copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives aa smart choice for the household and office furniture industry.

Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesives for Films and Webs

Bonding with films or web adhesives  is a smooth and clean process. The advantages of this application method process are widely known and used in many industrial applications.

We offer an extensive product range of Copolyamide and Copolyester hot melt adhesive products for the manufacture of adhesive films and webs.

Cost savings and reduction of waste were the development targets for the fast-crystallizing copolyester.

They can be extruded without carriers which makes them both economically and environmentally compatible.

The property values of flexibility, shore hardness and modulus of elasticity can be adjusted over a wide range to suit the requirements of the finished products.

With their melting range from 80 °C up to 200 °C; copolyamides and copolyesters provide solutions for any number of bonding problems. They are good for the manufacture of cast and blown films and spunbonded fabrics.

Apparel Interlining

Our Polyester hot melt adhesives are designed for excellent resistance to washing and to the chemical dry-cleaning process.

Our hotmelt adhesives are commonly used to fuse the fabric interlining to various face fabrics to enhance a garment – stability, shape retention and durability.

Interlining manufacturers are challenged by the need for High production speeds, low coat weight and consistent product quality to produce coated interlinings.

The requirements of the apparel industry for excellent wash and dry-cleaning chemical resistance are easily met with our Copolyamide and Copolyester hotmelt adhesives.

Copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives are high-performance adhesives that are ideal for applications that require excellent adhesion, heat resistance, and durability. These adhesives are widely used in the automotive, electronics, and construction industries.

Copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives have excellent adhesion properties and can bond well to a variety of substrates, including plastics, metals, and composites. They have a high level of heat resistance, making them suitable for use in high-temperature environments. They are also highly durable and can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including exposure to water, chemicals, and UV radiation.

At Cattie Adhesives, we offer a range of copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our adhesives are available in various formulations, including those that are fast-setting, low-viscosity, and high-strength.

Our copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives are also available in a range of colors, making them ideal for use in applications where aesthetics are important. We can also custom formulate adhesives to meet the specific needs of our customers.

At Cattie Adhesives, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality adhesives that meet their unique needs. If you are looking for copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives,

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