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What is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive?

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, also called, “PSA” or  “Self Stick adhesive” is a flexible adhesive that bonds to a variety of substrates when applied to clean and dry surfaces with pressure. Pressure Sensitive adhesive bonds are formed with Pressure –  PSA’s Do Not Require solvent, water, or heat to activate the adhesive. The bond strength is directly influenced by the amount of pressure used to apply the adhesive to the surface.  PSA’s are a great choice for difficult to bond, low energy substrates.

PSA’s are unique because they do not solidify to form a hard material; PSA’s remain permanently tacky and can “Wet-Out” substrates on contact. The bonds are formed by bringing the PSA adhesive in contact with the substrate and applying pressure to form a bond.  PSA’s can be formulated for both – Permanent & Removable bonding Applications.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Water-Based Adhesives

Key Features
– Provides a smooth, quiet and magnetic-like peel.
– FDA compliant for direct food contact applications.
– Repositionable.

  • water-based pressure formulated to provide a repositionable seal with little diminishment in seal strength provided there is no contamination of the PSA.
  • FDA compliant for use in direct food contact applications. Seal strengths will vary with
    specific coating, film treatment and processing.
  • Pressure Sensitive Water-Based Adhesives for Resealable Packaging.
  • Reseal available.
  • Slot and roll transfer coat.
  • Permanent and removable pressure sensitivity.
  • Cross-linkable to become stronger or removable.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of high performance Pressure Sensitives; available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity.

Our Pressure sensitives can be supplied in the form of a  Water based Acrylic Adhesive, Solvent based Adhesive, Hot melt PSA or UV Radiation Cured PSA.

PSAs make up the largest market share of the adhesives business. Our PSA’s can be formulated as a Permanent or Removable grade adhesive and Bond to a wide variety of substrates. The primary raw materials used in formulating our PSA’s are Acrylics, Silicone, Rubber, SBS, Polyurethane, Vinyl Acetate and Epoxy.

We have the capability to Coat our Pressure Sensitives onto many different substrates including – felts,  films,  foams, release liners,  magnet,  papers,  plastics, and  textiles; for various  Medical Tape  and  Industrial Tape applications.  

Our Pressure Sensitive Adhesives can be Coated  and supplied in  – Large Master Roll Form or be Slit down and Converted to smaller – Rolls of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape.

Our Pressure Sensitive adhesives (PSA’s) are commonly used in the following Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Bookbinding
  • Diapers
  • Direct Mail
  • Frozen Foods
  • Graphic Arts
  • Insect Traps / Rodent Traps
  • Labeling & Tapes
  • Packaging
  • Paper Converting
  • Product Assembly
  • Security Bags & Envelopes

Below are some of our most common Pressure Sensitive Adhesives; for information on the full line of products, please contact us.

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
8241Water-Based Acrylic Pressure Sensitive, High Tack, Dries Clear, for bonding various substrates. 3000cps. Can be made at any viscosity.Request >>
8250Water-Based Acrylic Pressure Sensitive, High Tack, Dries Clear, for Masking Tapes. 1500cps.Request >>
8299Water-Based Pressure Sensitive, High Tack, Dries Clear, for bonding various substrates Foams, Films, Foils, Coated Boards. 700cps.Request >>
9195AHigh Tack, Medium Viscosity, Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt, High Heat Resistance, Designed for Automotive interior Assembly. 9000cps.Request >>
9810High Tack, Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt, bonds well to most coated paper and paperboards, good for Packing slips, Security bags. 5000cps.Request >>

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are versatile and commonly used adhesives that offer quick and easy bonding. They are called “pressure-sensitive” because they form a bond when pressure is applied, and they are ideal for applications where permanent or temporary bonding is required.

PSAs are formulated with a combination of synthetic rubber, acrylic, or silicone-based materials. These materials are chosen for their unique properties such as tack, peel strength, shear strength, and adhesion. The choice of material depends on the application and the required level of adhesion.

PSAs have many advantages over other adhesives. They are easy to use and require no additional curing time or heat to activate. They offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, including plastics, metals, paper, and fabrics. They also offer good resistance to water, chemicals, and UV light.

At Cattie Adhesives, we offer a wide range of PSAs that can be customized to meet specific requirements. Our products are designed to provide the highest level of bonding strength, durability, and reliability. We have PSAs for both permanent and temporary bonding applications, as well as for use in high-temperature environments.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right PSA for your application and provide technical support throughout the bonding process. We also offer custom adhesive formulations and toll coating services to meet your specific needs.

Whether you need a PSA for automotive, construction, packaging, or any other application, Cattie Adhesives has the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our pressure-sensitive adhesives and how they can benefit your business.

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