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Cattie Adhesives manufactures a Complete line of Hot Melts and High Solids Water-Based laminating adhesives for Acoustical Panel and Soundproofing applications.

Our Acoustical Panel adhesives are designed to bond various fabrics to fiberglass panels and other insulating materials.

We also make  Edge Hardening Polymer that is used for application to fiberglass panels.

Edge hardener applications normally require 2 coats of polymer to insure proper edge hardness.

Our 100% water based polymer can be applied to the edges of the fiberglass panels by roller, dipping or airless spray equipment.

All of our Acoustical Panel Adhesive products can be custom formulated to meet your specific application requirements.

Contact us today to help you to determine the best adhesive technology and application equipment for your production process.

Click below for more information on our most common types of Acoustical Panel Adhesives:

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