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What is Dextrin Adhesive?

Dextrin Adhesive & Resin – Dextrin  (Res-Dex)  Blended Adhesives

Dextrin Adhesive, also called “Brown Glue”, is used on a variety of mostly porous surfaces.  Dextrin or Resin – Dextrin Blends are a great choice for many Laminating, Paper Converting & Product Assembly applications and offer a Lower cost alternative with better Clean-Up properties than most Full-Resins.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a Full Line of Dextrin and Resin/Dextrin Adhesive Blends for many industrial Packaging, Paper Converting and Assembly Applications.

Our Dextrin and Resin – Dextrin Blends can be formulated for Medium or Very Strong Final bonds to a variety of porous substrates.

Our Dextrin and Resin – Dextrin Blends are  “100% Water-based”  with  No VOCs.

Dextrin adhesives are:

  • Medium/Fast setting.
  • Good penetration to porous materials.
  • Good Resistance to heat and cold.
  • High tack (wet) and high solids.
  • Used on papers, wood, corrugated, coated board, vinyl and a variety of substrates.


Dextrin Adhesives and Resin-Dextrin (Res-Dex) Adhesives are widely used for these applications:

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Paper Converting
  • Packaging
  • Tube Winding
  • Laminating
  • Product Assembly

* Dextrin can be applied by Brush, Roller, Wheel, Extrusion System or Spray application.

Below are some of our most common Dextrin Glues; for more information on our Full Line of products, please contact us.

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
8255Water Based Dextrin for Laminating, Packaging, Great Machining. Designed for Laminating. 2100 CPS, Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>
8275Water Based Dextrin for Laminating. Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Laminating. 1500 CPS, Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>
8285Water Based Dextrin for Envelope Seems & Paper Converting. Fast Initial Tack, 2000 CPS.Request >>
8343Water Based Dextrin. Medium Tack, Flexible, Designed for Envelope Seems or Product Assembly. 2250 CPS.Request >>
8364Water Based Dextrin. Strong Bonds, Flexible, Designed for Core & Tube Winding. 3000 CPS, Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>

Our Dextrin Glues are packaged in:

  • 5 gallon pails275gal_tote fiber_drum 55gal_steel_drum 5gal_pail
  • 30 gallon drums
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 250 gallon totes
  • Tank wagons




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