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What are Polyester Hot Melt Adhesives?

Polyester hot melt adhesives are 100% solids, non-volatile, thermoplastic adhesives that are solid at room temperature, turn into a liquid upon heating and re-solidify when cooled.  They form instantaneous bonds, improve product appearance and reduce product weight.

We are able to supply polyester hot melt adhesives in a variety of forms for every type of application process.

Polyester Hot Melt adhesives

• Adhesive grade polyesters for assembly applications.
• Available in pellets and granules.
• Can be applied via slot-die, bead application, spray coating or extrusion.
• Broad range of heat resistance, temperatures from 200° to 350°F.

Benefits of Polyester Hot Melt Adhesives:

Key Features
– High temperature and chemical resistance.
– Laundry Dry Clean wash resistance.
– Low application viscosity.
– Fast set time.

Our Most Commonly Used Polyester Hot Melt   # 8499

# 8499 –  High-performance, polyester based hot melt adhesive designed to bond a variety of fabrics, urethane foam and vinyl. # 8499 exhibits excellent high temperature resistance, superior resistance to plasticizer migration and resistance to water,  Excellent hold up to wash and dry cleaning cycles.

Our polyester hot melt adhesives offer a range of benefits:

– Faster setting.
– Good adhesion to polar substrates.
– Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, plasticizers and water.
– Susceptible to degradation with heat and moisture over time.
– Good elevated temperature performance.
– Higher application temperatures.
– Good UV resistance.

For Help Choosing the best Polyester Adhesives for Your Application

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