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What are Film Adhesives?

Film adhesives consist of a thin layer of adhesive supported on a peelable backing liner. They are widely used on products ranging from aircrafts and automobiles to toys, appliances, clothing and electronic instruments. Their versatility frees designers from many of the usual constraints and often provides a convenient, economical solution to otherwise difficult or costly joining problems.

Our film adhesives are typically hot melt-cast adhesives that form a thin flexible layer, which can be heat activated or pressure sensitive for various applications. Film thicknesses range from one to five mils. The standard width is 60 inches; however, custom widths are available from 1″ to 61″.

These films help control consistency in the application usage variance to give repeatable performance characteristics.  Each film adhesive offers unique performance characteristics and serves a different use. It is critical to understand an application’s processing and mechanical needs in order to determine which type of film adhesive is best suited.

We offer 3 different types of film adhesives:

Our Film adhesives are high-performance, solvent-free bonding agents supplied in convenient, easy-to-use roll forms. As a result of their unique characteristics, our film adhesives offer functional and cost benefits to manufacturers in many industries.

Thermoset adhesives

• Require heat and pressure to adhere the film to the
substrate and form a strong cross-linked adhesive
network that is not reversible.
• Are cross-linking, which enables the bond line to
resist higher temperatures than the non-crosslinked

Thermoplastic adhesives

• Require heat to adhere to the substrate, but
form a reversible bond that can be deactivated
with heat.
• Depending on the temperature sensitivity of the
substrates being bonded, we offer adhesives
with a range of melting and curing conditions.

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)

• Do not require heat to form a bond; they can
simply be exposed to a small amount of pressure
to adhere.
• Can be formulated as cross-linking adhesives to
improve performance.

How to Choose the Right Film Adhesive

Film thickness

• The film manufacturing process has the
ability to make a range of film thicknesses,
which allows users the capability to more
easily customize the bond strength of their
• The ideal film thickness will depend on the
specific substrates, processing conditions and
film type being used for an application.

Flame retardancy

• These film adhesives are an excellent way
to impart additional flame retardancy into a
layered system.
• Just like the non-flame retardant film
adhesives, both the thickness and width of
the film can be varied to meet custom needs.


• The other factor to consider in selecting a
film adhesive is the carrier(s) used to supply
the adhesive.
• Depending on the way the adhesive will be
processed, one film construction may be
more desirable than another.

Single release liner

• This film construction is an unsupported film
adhesive that is simply an adhesive on a paper
release liner.

Two-sided release liner

• This film construction is an unsupported
film adhesive on paper and polyethylene
release liners. It provides a mirror-like
bonding surface on one side of the
adhesive, which can minimize adhesive
show-through in the application.
• This construction is particularly desirable for
die-cutting operations.


• This film construction is a fiberglass supported
film adhesive without a liner. The adhesive is applied
directly to the fiberglass.

Benefits of Film Adhesives

Our film adhesives are thin films that are heat or pressure activated and can vary in thickness and width. These products offer several advantages over other bulk adhesives and alternative bonding options.

  • Reduced material waste.
  • Uniform and consistent adhesive application.
  • Customizable for width and film thickness.
  • Wide range of performance characteristics.
  • Can be made flame retardant.

Film Adhesives

Cattie Adhesives offers a wide range of film adhesives that are designed to meet the specific needs of different applications. Our film adhesives are ideal for use in a variety of industries, including packaging, automotive, construction, and more.

We offer both solvent-based and water-based film adhesives that are specially formulated to provide superior performance, excellent adhesion, and optimal strength. Our film adhesives are easy to apply and offer excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture.

Our film adhesives are available in different formulations, including acrylic, polyester, and polyurethane. We can also customize our film adhesives to meet your specific needs, including color, viscosity, and bonding strength.

Our team of experts can work with you to find the best film adhesive for your application. We have years of experience in the adhesive industry, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our film adhesives and how they can benefit your business.

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