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  • (800) 249-0337

Cattie Adhesives is a leading USA based Manufacturer of  –  Hot Melt Adhesive,  Water-Based Adhesive,  Heat Seal Adhesive,  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive,  PUR Adhesive,  Industrial and Specialty Tapes, Cohesive and  Dextrin glue.

We are a strategic adhesive manufacturer and supply partner to companies of all sizes and from many industries; providing comprehensive adhesive solutions and adhesive related technical services that help increase manufacturing quality, speed and performance to drive profitability.

Cattie Adhesives serves as a trusted advisor and consultative partner to many of our long-term customers.  Our depth and breadth of knowledge in  Adhesives,  Adhesive Application Equipment and  Adhesive Technical Support Services has allowed us to become the single-source adhesives supply partner to many companies across North and Central America.

As a single-source adhesive solutions partner, Cattie Adhesives provides its clients with a competitive advantage by helping them select the best type of adhesive and adhesive application equipment solutions for their production process; as well as helping them better manage consumable adhesive costs.


Our primary adhesive products and services include:



For Help Choosing the best Adhesive for Your Application – Please Call us at  1-800-249-0337


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We look forward to providing you with the  adhesive that will maximize efficiency and profitability for your company.

A Word from the Owner

Cattie Adhesives was founded on the idea that quality and service come first, and we will do “Whatever It Takes” to meet our customers’ needs. Over the years, our business has grown more complex, but that simple pledge remains.

Our Hot Melts, Liquid Adhesives and Coatings are among the best, highest quality products on the market. Of course, every Adhesives producer says that. So, a successful supplier must find other ways to pull away from the pack.

At Cattie Adhesives, the key is our Service–another word that gets thrown around a lot. But we prove it every day, to large companies and small, all over North America.

How do we do it?

Our highly trained staff places a special emphasis on consistency and quality in every product we sell. We offer personalized, responsive, consultative service to help you solve your specific adhesive and production dilemmas.

We put our deep technical understanding of Adhesives to work for you, formulating new products when off-the-shelf adhesive solutions won’t do.

In other words, we offer not just products, but “Adhesive Solutions”. The result is generations of long standing relationships with satisfied customers and business partners.

Our customers stake their reputations on the quality and service they provide, and they expect no less from Cattie Adhesives. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Contact us today with your adhesive needs and see why our customers “Stick” with us.

Cattie Adhesives

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