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Cattie Adhesives

Cattie Adhesives is a leading US Manufacturer and Value-added Supplier of Hot Melt Adhesive, Water-Based Adhesive, Heat Seal Adhesive, Barrier Coatings, Cohesive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, PUR Adhesive and Solvent-Based Adhesive.

Hot Melt Company: A Cattie Adhesives Company

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Our adhesive technical articles are detailed for packaging, laminating, heat sealing, barrier coating, labeling, product assembly & woodworking applications with informative graphs, charts and diagrams to download.

NEW! Barrier Coatings & Heat Seal Adhesives for Paper Coating
New ECO-Friendly – Recyclable – Compostable – Heat Seal adhesives and Barrier Coatings for use with automated form-fill seal and stand up pouch Paper Packaging. Read more...

Our primary adhesive products and services include:

Hot Melt Adhesives

APAO, Copolyamide, Copolyester, EVA, Fugitive, HMPSA, Metallocene, PE, PUR.

Water-based Adhesives

Acrylic, Cohesive, Dextrin, Heat Seal, PSA, Resins.

Custom Formulated Adhesives

Hot Melts, Water-Based, Heat Seals, Pressure Sensitive.

Industrial and Specialty Tapes

Foam Tapes, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Low VOC Tapes, Transfer Tapes.

Adhesive Technical Support

Lab Testing services, Adhesive Technical Support.

Adhesive Coating Services

Acrylics, Cohesive, Hot melts, Heal Seals, PSA’s, Custom Coating.

Adhesive Selection Guidance

Let us help you select the right type of adhesive for your application.

Transforming & Improving Projects

We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.
  • Vast Experience

We have over 40 years of experience providing expert industrial adhesive solutions for businesses all over the world.

  • Adhesive Technical Support

Our adhesive products are backed by the support of a team of dedicated Chemical Engineers, Adhesive Specialists and Customer Support Managers who have extensive  experience in the Adhesives industry.

Key Advantages


We have over 40 years of industrial expertise.


We always reply to client queries within 24 hours.


We use advanced technology in all of our projects.

About Us

Cattie Adhesives is a leading USA based Manufacturer of – Hot Melt Adhesive, Water-Based Adhesive, Heat Seal Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, PUR Adhesive, Industrial and Specialty Tapes, Cohesive and Dextrin glue.

We are a strategic adhesive manufacturer and supply partner to companies of all sizes and from many industries; providing comprehensive adhesive solutions and adhesive related technical services that help increase manufacturing quality, speed and performance to drive profitability.

Cattie Adhesives serves as a trusted advisor and consultative partner to many of our long-term customers. Our depth and breadth of knowledge in Adhesives, Adhesive Application Equipment and Adhesive Technical Support Services has allowed us to become the single-source adhesives supply partner to many companies across North and Central America.

As a single-source adhesive solutions partner, Cattie Adhesives provides its clients with a competitive advantage by helping them select the best type of adhesive and adhesive application equipment solutions for their production process; as well as helping them better manage consumable adhesive costs.

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