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With over 40 years of experience in the adhesives business – Cattie Adhesives is a trusted leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Industrial Automotive Adhesives.

We have the Adhesive Solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the Automotive and Transportation manufacturing industries.

Product Assembly Adhesives

Automotive Adhesives

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of  – Pressure Sensitive Hot melts – APO hot melts – Heat Seal adhesives – Water-based acrylic adhesives and Solvent-based adhesives for automotive assembly applications.

Our Automotive Grade Adhesives are designed to bond many components and materials and provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of common materials.  Our Adhesives can be  Custom Formulated  for  Strong, Fast setting bonds  or Long open times with High Heat resistance and  Low or  No VOC’s.

Our Automotive grade adhesives are made to bond well to most substrates including – Plastics – Non- Wovens  –  fabrics and  metals.  Our Automotive market hot melt adhesives perform very well on difficult to bond plastics – metals – fabrics and non-wovens.

Our Automotive grade adhesives are commonly used in robotic automotive assembly lines around the world.

Our interior and exterior automotive grade adhesive applications include:  headliner adhesive, body panel adhesive, trim adhesives, windscreen bonding and anti flutter adhesives, our automotive adhesive products are designed to enhance your product performance.

We supply several grades of  PS hot melt,  APO hot melt,  PUR  and  water based adhesive  to the automotive market, our products provide very high heat resistance, excellent adhesion properties and a very wide processing window.

Automotive adhesive applications

Interior assembly applications

    • Headliner adhesive
    • Body panel adhesive
    • Interior trim adhesive
    • Load floor adhesive
    • Upholstery and Carpet adhesive

Exterior assembly applications

    • Windscreen bonding
    • Anti flutter adhesive
    • Hem flange adhesive
    • Exterior trim adhesive


    • Automotive Adhesive Headliner Bonding
    • Automotive Adhesive for Body Panels
    • Vehicle Body Adhesive
    • Automotive Glass Bonding Adhesive
    • Automotive Contact Adhesive
    • Automotive Door Adhesive
    • Automotive Interior Adhesive
    • Automotive Insulation Adhesive
    • Automotive Metal Adhesive
    • Automotive Adhesive Tape
    • Automotive Structural Adhesive
    • Vehicle Wrap Adhesive
    • Automotive Upholstery Adhesive
    • Carpet Adhesive
    • Adhesive for above & below belt-line applications
    • Weather Shield adhesive
    • Weather Stripping adhesive
    • Door parts, Trunk parts adhesive
    • Foamable and non-foamable adhesives

For Help Choosing the best Automotive Grade Adhesive for Your Application

Please Call us at  800-249-0337  – To Request a Product SDS, TDS, Pricing, Lead times, and to explore the many adhesive options we have to offer. We look forward to providing you with the  adhesive that will maximize efficiency and profitability for your company.

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