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Do you need a Custom Formulated Adhesive ?

We Listen to Understand Your Specific Needs, and Design & Deliver Custom Formulated Adhesive Solutions that optimize both product cost and performance.

Over the years, The Chemists at Cattie Adhesives have developed a Complete line of Hot MeltsWater-based Adhesive, Cohesive and Heat Seal products to meet a wide range of Industrial adhesive applications.

If we do not have an adhesive product that meets your needs – We will  “Custom Formulate”  an adhesive for you.

The Adhesive Chemists at Cattie Adhesives will work directly with your Technical and Production staff to understand all of your application requirements and then suggest one of our Current Adhesive Products or offer to Custom Formulate an Adhesive Product for your application.

Do you need?

  • A Formula developed or modified.
  • Raw Materials Sourced for lower Cost.
  • Unique knowledge or experience.
  • Trusted independent advice on Adhesives & Coating.
  • Need for a catalyst, to get action started on a project.
  • Temporary Technical staff need.
  • Help to meet a project time deadline.
  • Help to reorganize, downsize, cut costs.

Our Custom Formulated Adhesives are used for a wide range of industry applications including:

Adhesive for Acoustical Panels

Adhesive for Automotive Assembly

Adhesive for Bag Assembly

Adhesive for Bookbinding

Adhesive for Brewery Labeling & Packaging

Adhesive for Case & Carton Sealing

Adhesive for Cigarette & Cigar Making

Adhesive for Core Winding

Adhesive for Direct Mail

Adhesive for Envelope Manufacturing

Adhesive for Film, Foil & Window Laminating

Adhesive for Filter End Cap Gluing

Adhesive for Foam Fabricating

Adhesive for Folding Cartons

Adhesive for Freezer Grade Bonding

Adhesive for Glued Lap

Adhesive for Graphic Arts

Adhesive for Heat Sealing

Adhesive for Labeling

Adhesive for Laminating

Adhesive for Mattress Fabricating

Adhesive for Packaging

Adhesive for Paper Converting

Adhesive for Product Assembly

Adhesive for Tapes

Adhesive for Textiles

Adhesive for Tube Making

Adhesive for Waterproofing

Adhesive for Wood Gluing

We manufacture over 500 Water-Based and Hot Melt Adhesive Formulations.

To speak with a Technical representative about your application, and to request samples; please call us at 1-800-249-0337 or email us at:


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Call us 1-800-249-0337 or send us a message to get a call back