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Cattie Adhesives is a leading US Manufacturer and Supplier of Hot Melt Adhesive, Water-Based Adhesive, Cohesive, Heat Seal Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, PUR Adhesive and Solvent-Based Adhesive.

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We are a strategic adhesive supply partner to companies of all sizes and from many industries; providing comprehensive adhesive solutions and adhesive related technical services that help increase manufacturing quality, speed and performance to drive profitability.
We service companies from industries including: Automotive, Bookbinding, Breweries, Contract Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Foam Fabricating, Food & Beverage Packaging, Graphic Arts, Labeling, Laminating, Packaging, Paper Converting, Product Assembly and Woodworking.
Cattie Adhesives serves as a trusted advisor and consultative partner to many of our long-term customers.  Our depth and breadth of knowledge in Adhesives, Adhesive Application Equipment and Adhesive Technical Support Services has allowed us to become the single-source adhesives supply partner to many companies across North and Central America.
Cattie Adhesives provides its clients with a competitive advantage by helping them select the best type of adhesive and adhesive application equipment solutions for their production process;  as well as helping to better manage consumable adhesive costs.

Our primary adhesive products and services include:

    • Hot Melt Adhesive – APAO,  EVA,  Heat Seal,  Metallocene,  Fugitive,  Pressure Sensitive,  Polyester,  Polyamide,  PUR.
    • Water-based Adhesives – Acrylic,  Dextrin,  Heat Seal,  PSA,  White Resins – PVA – EVA – VAA – VAE,  Waterproof adhesives,  PU dispersions – PUD’s,  Copolymer dispersions,  Cohesives – Natural & Synthetic,  Layflat Laminating adhesives,  PSA dispersions,  Remoisten-able – self stick-adhesives,  SBS/SBR Latex dispersions.
    • Custom Formulated Adhesives– Hot Melt,  Water-Based,  Cohesive- Synthetic,  Heat Seal, PUR,  PSA,  FDA Direct Food Contact,  FDA Direct Skin Contact,  Water Filters,  UL Approved Hot Melt,  Hot Melts with UV Indicator,  Cap Liner Hot Melts,  Heat Seal Lidding Hot Melt.
    • Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes – Foam Tapes, Transfer Tapes, Heat Seal Tapes.
    • Adhesive Technical Support  – Lab Testing Services,  Technical Support Services.
    • Adhesive Coating Services – Acrylics, Cohesive,  Hot melt,  Heal Seal,  PSA,  Custom Coating.
    • Adhesive Selection Guidance – Let us help you select the right type of adhesive for your application.

Our adhesive products and technical services are backed by the support of a team of experienced Chemical Engineers, Adhesive Specialists and Customer Support Managers.

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