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Cattie Adhesives is a manufacturer and distributor of Industrial Laminating Adhesives.

We supply water-based VAE – PVA – PVOH Laminating Adhesive for Bobst Asitrade Laminators and all types of Laminators. We manufacture Eco-friendly lamination adhesives for sustainability.

We can custom formulate hot melt and water based Laminating Adhesive and Heat Seal Adhesives for bonding many substrates including coated papers, polyester, PETP, polyethylene, polypropylene, Cellophane, PVC, Aluminum and Metal Foils and Films.

All of our water-based adhesives for the Food Packaging industry meet all requirements of the  FDA Regulation of Adhesives in Food Packaging.

Our Laminating Adhesive can bond to any surface including:

Wood – Plywood – Metal – Gypsum – Honeycomb – Plastic – Cork – Hardboard – Fabric – Foil – Cardstock -Corrugated – Veneers – Vinyl – Paperboard – Non-woven – Foam – Fiberglass – Padding – Rubber

Laminating Adhesive products include:

VAE – PVA – PVOH – EVA -Urea Formaldehydes – Casein & Resorcinol – Melamine & Epoxies – Biodegradable Adhesives – Contact Adhesives – Animal Glues – Pressure Sensitive – HMPSA – Urethanes – Heat Reactivated – Heat Seal Coatings – Hot Melts

Laminating Adhesive applications for:

  • Flat Lamination – PUR Hot Melt and Liquid Systems

  • Glue Spreader and Hot Melt Roller Coat Adhesives

  • Laminating – Hot Melt Systems

  • Laminating – VAE -PVA _PVOH water-based adhesives, Acrylic Vinyls

  • PUR – Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethane Adhesives

  • Non-Skid coatings

  • Paper coatings

  • Fabric coatings and backings

  • Fire retardant coatings

  • Foam to foam bonding

  • Foam to fabric bonding

  • Foam and Mattress construction

  • Coatings for fiberglass

  • Laminating film to fabrics

  • Laminating – Liquid Systems, Paper

  • PUR – One Component Liquid Reactive Polyurethane Adhesive

  • Cold Press Laminating adhesives for: panel-on-frame, Core laminating, high-pressure laminate gluing

  • Textile Laminating adhesives

Click below for more information on our most common Laminating Adhesives:

Laminating Adhesives for the following types of Laminators,  Glue Spreaders and  Hot Melt Roller Coater machines:



Product #8900 / #8900A

8900 is a 2-part, water dilutable, laminating adhesive for flexible films and cellulosic
substrates. 8900 or 8900A must be used at the recommended mix ratio to achieve
desired properties. Use of 8900A yields high initial bond and cures to give laminations with good clarity
and thermal stability. 8900 offers the maximum in laminate clarity properties when
potentially lower initial bonds and reduced product resistance properties can be tolerated.

Laminating adhesives are essential in the production of laminated materials such as films, foils, papers, and textiles. These adhesives are formulated to bond two or more substrates together while maintaining their integrity and functionality.

One of the most common types of laminating adhesives is solvent-based adhesives, which are composed of a solvent, a resin, and a hardener. These adhesives are ideal for laminating materials that are heat-sensitive or those that require fast cure times.

Another popular option is water-based laminating adhesives, which are eco-friendly and offer excellent bond strength. They are commonly used in the food packaging industry as they are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals.

In addition, there are also hot-melt laminating adhesives, which are solid at room temperature and require heat to melt before they can be applied. These adhesives offer high bond strength and are commonly used in automotive and construction industries.

Laminating adhesives come in different forms such as rolls, sprays, or sheets, and are available in varying viscosity levels. They can also be customized to meet specific bonding requirements, including temperature resistance, UV resistance, and waterproofing.

At Cattie Adhesives, we specialize in providing high-quality laminating adhesives that meet our clients’ specific needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional service and support, from product selection to technical assistance, to ensure that our clients get the best bonding solutions for their applications.

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