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Adhesive trouble shooting kit

Thank you for your interest in our Adhesive Problem Solving Kit.

Customer Benefits:

This Adhesive Problem Solving Kit was designed by our Senior Adhesives Chemist.

Purchase a kit and receive  FREE  adhesive technical phone support.

  • The adhesive trouble shooting kit will help you identify the source and resolve all packaging failures, eliminating production downtime by determining root cause of the problem.

  • This kit helps increase knowledge and create confidence in your production and technical staff.

  • The test methods outlined in the Adhesive Problem Solving Kit manual can be used to set up your own internal Adhesive QC standards for your company.

  • Technical service can resolve adhesive related packaging problems in remote countries or remote plant locations where the cost of flying a technician in is prohibited.

• Sales and Technical staff can offer a more consultative sales approach when using the methods, processes and tools in the Adhesive Problem Solving Kit.

• By solving problems in front of the client company sales or technical representative is perceived in a different way vs competition as well as reducing customer down time.

• Sales people are solving packaging problems not just adhesive problems, resulting in better client loyalty.

• This reduces price pressure on what ever the sales person is selling because there is another benefit for dealing with your firm.

• This kit can be supplied to your larger clients enabling you to give yearly seminars on its use as a training device for entry-level packaging technicians.

• This kit can be used as a common technical link between related industries to minimize finger pointing when problems arise.

• This kit provides other non-margin eroding ways to provide top-notch customer service.

• Sales people will learn more about their own product line and therefore, talk more knowledgeably and convincingly about it.

• Sales people can tailor their presentation in the direction of a trial order by doing the basic screening themselves (machine conditions, substrates etc).

• Sales people learn what is needed to make comparisons of adhesives , coatings, substrates ( control sample, problem substrate, pass/fail criteria).

• Sales person can identify key decision maker when giving seminar on problem solving . This individual is identified by the type and frequency of questions asked .

• Sales people have a response time and problem solving edge over the competition.

Adhesive Lab Testing Equipment

Adhesive trouble shooting kit Adhesive trouble shooting kit

Cost for Adhesive Problem Solving Kits:

    •  Pricing: 1 Kit = $650.00 + Frt. $USD.  3 Kits Minimum = $625.00 / Kit + Frt.      
    •  5 Kits Minimum = $595.00 / Kit + Frt.
    • Includes – Complete Adhesive Trouble Shooting Kit (shown above), Detailed Manual, CD ROM , Travel Case.

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