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Cattie Adhesives – Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes

Cattie Adhesives produces – Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes including – Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coated Tapes, Heat Seal Tapes and Medical grade adhesive Tapes & Roll Stock using our:  Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts  – Acrylic Adhesives  – Heat Seal Hot Melts.

Cattie Adhesives is an industry leader in our market, and we prove it everyday through our world class manufacturing capabilities, new product innovation and technological advancements.

We appreciate the opportunity to be involved early in the development of your new products as well as the improvement of existing products.  Please call today to discuss your application details with one of our Technical Specialists.

Our Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes are used in a wide range of industries including:

Label printing –  Graphic design –  Packaging –  Digital imaging –  Retail display –  Fleet graphics –  Assembly engineering –  Automotive assembly –  Medical device assembly.

Product Examples Include:

• USPS – Self-adhesive Envelopes, Labels, postage stamps.
• Medical grade adhesives for patient care, labeling, device assembly.
• Fleet graphics, vehicle wraps and building wraps.
• Overlaminates for protection of wide-format graphics.
• Foam Tape for mounting and bonding materials.
• Durable Goods Labeling.

Our 5 Primary market segments include:

  1. Roll Label Products – Pressure sensitive, adhesive coated papers and films are designed to work great for applications such as durable goods labeling, security labeling, and for labeling products in the health & beauty and food & beverages industries.
  2. Industrial Tapes – Our Industrial Tape Products are engineered pressure-sensitive solutions designed for bonding & mounting with very high strength, immediate tack, adhesion and superior aesthetics compared to traditional fastening methods.
  3. Graphic Products – Our Applications include indoor signage, outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, tradeshow displays, wall environmental graphics, and more. Our  Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes are widely used for digital printing, mounting laminating, screen-printing and cut-vinyl needs.
  4. Sheet Products – Our pressure-sensitive sheet products are used primarily by  Sheet-fed commercial printers.  Application range includes –  packaging, promotional media and point-of-purchase (POP) displays, custom labels and shipping labels.
  5. Medical Adhesive Products – We are a trusted source of Medical grade adhesive solutions, Cattie Adhesives offers medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions to fit a variety of  Direct Skin Contact applications, including  – wound care, trandermal drug delivery and medical device assembly.


Our  Skin friendly –  Latex-Free –  Medical grade adhesives  are used for a wide variety of medical devices & applications including:

–  Disposable electrodes –  Grounding pads –  AED/Defibrillator pads –  IV attachment –  Surgical drapes –  Wound dressings –  Diagnostic and Ostomy devices.

We offer many types of  Single & Double coated Foam Tape, Film Tape and Non-woven Tape  for medical device manufacturing and assembly applications.

We help our customers select the precise combinations of Medical grade adhesives, facestocks and release liners that are the perfect construction for their application needs.

Our Medical grade pressure sensitive adhesives are  supplied in Roll form.  The rolls are converted into Tape or converted into custom shapes, using Die Cutting machinery.  The custom shaped pieces are designed for -easy attachment to skin – short or long term skin attachment – clean removability from the skin.

All of our Medical grade adhesive tape and roll products have been Bio-Compatibility Tested  &  independently tested following ISO-10993 guidelines.

Custom Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Service

Our Strength and Focus is in  Custom hot melt adhesive coatings.  We can help you select the right combination of  Hot Melt Adhesives,  Facestocks and  Release liners  that are perfect for your application needs.  We use our experience and expertise in adhesives, substrates and application technologies to provide our customers with custom formulated and engineered adhesive products.

Our Rollstock Manufacturing Capabilities and Specifications:

  • Widths 1″ up to 60″ Maximum
  • 3″ or 6″ I.D. Cores
  • Maximum 40″ O.D. 
  • 25# paper to 14 point board
  • Films: 1 mil to 15 mils

Related Services include:

  • Hot Melt Heat Seal Tape and Rollstock.
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Tape and Rollstock.
  • Acrylic Hot Melt Adhesive Tape and Rollstock.
  • Face Stocks and Liner –  evaluation and selection help.
  • Custom Formulated Hot Melt Adhesives Coated onto Your substrate.
  • Rollstock Products for the Label and Forms Industries.

  • Heat Seal Tape.
  • Pattern Adhesive Coating.
  • Hot Melt Tin-Tie Tape for Coffee Bag applications.
  • Package Reclosure Systems – Design and Production Services.
  • Transfer Tape – Heat Seal and Pressure Sensitive hot melt tapes.
  • Tapes – Heat Seal and Pressure Sensitive hot melt tapes.

Our Industrial Tape and Rollstock production capabilities include:

  • Single Coated Rollstock – An adhesive coated on one side of a material, called the Facestock. The ps adhesive is protected by a silicone coated release liner.

  • Transfer Rollstock – An Unsupported mass of adhesive film coated on a release liner that has a release coating on both sides. Transfer tapes provide good bonds to irregular surfaces.

  • Double coated Rollstock – A carrier is coated on both sides with PSA. The adhesive carrier can be a wide variety of materials including plastic films, tissue, nonwovens, etc. Typical uses include laminates and carpet tape.

  • Self Wound Rollstock – A carrier which is coated on one side with PSA and on the other with a release coating. There is no release liner with these types of products. Carton sealing, Duct and Masking are all examples of self wound tapes.

  • Custom Rollstock – Custom Coated and Laminated PSA Solutions in Rollstock Form; For production of Heat Seal tapes, Seam tapes,  Cloth tapes, Foam tapes, Foil tapes, Reflective tapes and more.


Aircrafts use many highly-engineered industrial and specialty tapes. One of the most commonly used tapes in aerospace is  Foil Tape.  Due to factors such as weight, strength, and flame and heat resistance, tape makes an ideal product for many applications in aerospace.


Hours before the first “Rolling” is called, to well after wrap, tape plays a major role in many applications on set, stage, and in the field. Besides the  Gaffers Tape, there are many other industrial tapes and specialty tapes used in the Arts and Entertainment industry.


Double sided tapes  are used in every car or truck you see on the road. From anti-squeak, to bonding low surface energy materials like the plastic panels on doors, tape is a major component of auto manufacturing.


Specialty Tapes are widely used in handheld devices, computers, and cell phones.  Advanced polyester and polyimide tapes secure many circuit boards and circuit board components.


The food and beverage industry relies on tape for a wide variety of applications.  From packaging and distribution, to color coded inventory management,  PTFE film tapes – Heat Seal tapes and films  used for heat sealing.


Industrial Foam Tapes and Transfer Tapes are widely used in the Manufacturing of products. Applications such as appliance assembly, masking plasma spray and surface protection during liquid powder coating, demonstrate how the use of tape in manufacturing is as limitless as the imagination.


At the end of the manufacturing line, there is a need to pack, seal, and ship the finished product. Whether these cartons are sealed manually or automatically, carton-sealing tapes  or Hot melt adhesives are used to provide the critical bond to keep the goods securely packaged until their final destination.


In the fast-paced world of wide-web printing, losing even one minute due to low quality tape is not an option. Whether the application involves mounting of flexographic plates or solutions for automated flying splices and core starting issues, let our years of experience work for you to keep the presses rolling.



Major scientific advances in the world of high-bond tape has been great for the signage industry. Now there are legitimate opportunities to replace riveting, welding, and other forms of mechanical bonding, with high-bond strength Industrial Foam Tapes and Transfer Tape.

Our Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes are used in the following markets:

  • Gasket Fabrication
  • Foam Fabrication
  • Appliance
  • Nameplate
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Optical
Double Coated TapesAcrylic Transfer Adhesives          
High-Strength Rubber Transfer Adhesive
Rubber – Double Coated Foam Tape

At Cattie Adhesives, we offer a wide range of industrial and specialty tapes to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Our industrial tapes are designed to provide reliable performance in demanding applications, while our specialty tapes are tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.

Our industrial tape selection includes acrylic foam tapes, double-coated tapes, polyester tapes, and polyethylene tapes. These tapes are used for a variety of applications, including bonding, mounting, and sealing. They provide strong, durable bonds and can be used in high-stress applications.

We also offer a range of specialty tapes, including masking tapes, electrical tapes, and high-temperature tapes. These tapes are designed to meet specific industry needs and requirements. For example, our electrical tapes are used in electrical applications to provide insulation and protect against moisture and contaminants. Our high-temperature tapes are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications.

In addition to our standard tape products, we also offer custom solutions to meet specific customer needs. Our experienced team of adhesive experts can work with customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.

At Cattie Adhesives, we are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Our industrial and specialty tapes are designed to provide reliable performance in a wide range of applications, and our team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our tape products and how we can help meet your adhesive needs.

To speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at  800-249-0337 or email us at [email protected]

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