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Cattie Adhesives – Hot Melt Adhesive Coated Products

Cattie Adhesives produces  Heat Seal Hot Melt Adhesive Film  &  Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Coated products in – Tape and Roll form using our:

  • Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts  
  • Heat Seal Hot Melt 
  • APAO Hot Melt 
  • EVA Hot Melt 

Our Hot Melt Coated Industrial Tapes and Specialty Tapes are used in a wide range of industries including – Label printing, Graphic design, Packaging, Digital imaging, Retail display, Fleet graphics, Assembly engineering, Automotive assembly, and Medical device assembly.

If you require a Hot Melt Coated Tape or Roll Stock product that is coated with a  hot melt,  heat seal adhesive or  hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive  –  Call Us! –  We may have it in stock or we will make it for you – Quickly.

You can also  Send us your substrate  and  we will Coat it  with one of our Pressure Sensitive or Heat Seal Hot Melts for you.

Custom Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Service

Our Strength and Focus is in – Custom hot melt adhesive coatings.  

We can help you select the  right combination of  Hot Melt Adhesives,  Facestocks and  Release liners  that are perfect for your application needs.

We use our experience and expertise in adhesives, substrates and application technologies to provide our customers with custom formulated and engineered adhesive products.

We appreciate the opportunity to be involved early in the development of your new products as well as the improvement of existing products.  Please call today to discuss your application details with one of our Technical Specialists.

Our Rollstock Manufacturing Capabilities and Specifications:

  • Widths 1″ up to 60″ Maximum
  • 3″ or 6″ I.D. Cores
  • Maximum 40″ O.D. 
  • 25# paper to 14 point board
  • Films: 1 mil to 15 mils

Our Custom Hot Melt Adhesive Coating and Converting Services include:

  • Adhesive Coating of  “Customer Supplied”  Substrates.
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive,  Acrylic and  Silicon Adhesive Coating.
  • Hot Melt  Removable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating.
  • Hot Melt  Heat Seal, Re-activated Adhesive Coating.
  • Custom Adhesive Rollstock – Sheeting, &  Slitting Services.


Hot Melt Coated Products are  Available in – Tape and Rollstock form.

Our Hot Melt Coating Products and Services include:

  • Hot Melt Foam Tape, Heat Seal Tape and Rollstock.
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Tape and Rollstock.
  • Acrylic Hot Melt Adhesive Tape and Rollstock.

  • Face Stocks and Liner –  Evaluation and Selection.
  • Custom Formulated Hot Melts Coated onto Your substrate.
  • Rollstock Products for the Label and Forms Industries.

  • Heat Sealing Tape.
  • Pattern Adhesive Coating.
  • Hot Melt ” Tin-Tie Tape ”  for Coffee Bag manufacturing.

  • Package Reclosure Systems – Design and Production Services.
  • Transfer Tape – SUPER & ULTRA High Tack Pressure Sensitive hot melt tapes, * up to 50 mils.
  • Specialty Tapes – Foam Tapes, Double Coated Foam Tapes, Pressure Sensitive hot melt tapes.

Our Rollstock production capabilities include:

  • Single Coated Rollstock – An adhesive coated on one side of a material, called the Facestock. The ps adhesive is protected by a silicone coated release liner.
  • Transfer Rollstock – An Unsupported mass of adhesive film coated on a release liner that has a release coating on both sides. Transfer tapes provide good bonds to irregular surfaces.
  • Double coated Rollstock – A carrier is coated on both sides with PSA. The adhesive carrier can be a wide variety of materials including plastic films, tissue, nonwovens, etc. Typical uses include laminates and carpet tape.
  • Self Wound Rollstock – A carrier which is coated on one side with PSA and on the other with a release coating. There is no release liner with these types of products. Carton sealing, Duct and Masking are all examples of self wound tapes.
  • Custom Rollstock – Custom Coated and Laminated PSA Solutions in Rollstock Form; For production of Heat Seal tapes, Seam tapes,  Cloth tapes, Foam tapes, Foil tapes, Reflective tapes and more.

To speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at  800-249-0337 or email us at

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