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Cattie Adhesives – Offers a wide range of Adhesive Technical Support and Lab Testing Services

    • Our Adhesive Chemists have the knowledge and experience to understand your Adhesives Testing requirements.
    • Adhesive Performance Testing & Adhesive Evaluation Services.
    • Certified Test Reports for Validating adhesives to specific performance requirements.

 Some of our Adhesive Lab Testing Services include:

Adhesive Lab Testing Equipment

    • Adhesive Softening Point Testing
    • Tensile Strength Testing
    • Peel testing
    • Page Pull testing
    • Tack testing
    • Loop tack testing
    • Adhesive Release testing

    • Adhesive Age Testing
    • Coat Weight testing
    • Clay Lift testing
    • Shear testing
    • Humidity testing
    • Temperature Exposure testing
    • Viscosity Measurement testing

Do you need Adhesive Consulting Services?

We Offer Adhesive Consulting and Adhesives Technical Support.

    • Custom Adhesive and Coating Formulas developed or modified.
    • Adhesive and coating selection and evaluation for Cost Reduction.
    • Adhesive Application Equipment and technology validation.
    • Adhesives analyzed and matched for product replacement options.
    • We can Help Run your adhesive and coating line trials.
    • We can Help you with a Temporary Technical staff need.
    • Help Determine the cause of an adhesive problem on production line.
    • Help you Figure out who to call first-The substrate, ink, adhesive, or coating supplier.
    • Help you to determine if an adhesive problem is staff, maintenance or equipment related.
    • Help to meet a project time deadline.

    • We can make Lab Prototype Samples with your Substrates.
    • We can do Adhesive Performance Testing and Evaluation.
    • We can Help you source Raw Materials for Higher Performance and Cost Reduction.
    • We offer Trusted Independent advice on Adhesives & Coatings.
    • We have Unique Adhesives & Coatings knowledge and experience.

We provide Adhesive Consulting – Adhesive Technical Support – Adhesive Lab Testing Services for:

    • Hot Melts.
    • Water based Adhesives.
    • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.
    • Medical Grade Adhesives.
    • Heat seals.
    • Cohesive.

    • Wet and dry bond adhesives.
    • Barrier coatings.
    • Slip, anti-skid, anti-fog OPV coatings and adhesives.
    • Film and foil laminates.
    • Primers and laminating adhesives in water, solvent and solvent-less technologies.

Lab Testing Services is a service offered by Cattie Adhesives that allows customers to test the performance of their adhesives under various conditions. This service is designed to help customers determine the best adhesive solution for their specific needs and applications.

Cattie Adhesives has a state-of-the-art lab equipped with the latest testing equipment and technology. Their team of adhesive specialists can perform a range of tests to evaluate the performance of adhesives, including:

  • Bond strength tests
  • Durability tests
  • Environmental resistance tests
  • Temperature resistance tests
  • Aging tests

By performing these tests, Cattie Adhesives can help customers understand how their adhesives will perform in real-world conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions about their adhesive needs.

Some of the benefits of using Cattie Adhesives’ Lab Testing Services include:

  • Improved Product Performance: By testing their adhesives in a controlled lab environment, customers can identify any potential performance issues and make necessary improvements.
  • Cost Savings: By performing thorough lab testing, customers can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that their adhesive solution meets their requirements and performs as expected.
  • Expertise: Cattie Adhesives has a team of adhesive specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in the adhesive industry and can provide expert support and guidance throughout the testing process.
  • Customized Solutions: Cattie Adhesives’ Lab Testing Services are customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

If you’re looking to test the performance of your adhesives, consider working with Cattie Adhesives and their Lab Testing Services.

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