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Cattie Adhesives has been a trusted source of pressure sensitive-adhesive Transfer tape for over 20 years. Our expertise in adhesive technology, state-of-the-art adhesive coating processes and dedicated research and development team ensure our customers receive consistent high-quality adhesive tapes to meet a variety of applications.

We offer double-sided tapes and foam tapes all manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified facility.   All of our products are 100% guaranteed for quality workmanship and materials.

Our Transfer Tape Adhesive Products:

Acrylic Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape for bonding applications that require permanent adhesion over broad temperature range and superior long-term aging characteristics.

Custom Coated Transfer Tape Adhesives

Made specialized for specific applications.

Extended Liner Transfer Tape

Extended liner products are available with permenant or removable (High tack/Low tack) adhesive.

Rubber Based Adhesive Transfer Adhesives

For bonding applications that require fast curing permanent adhesion over a non-extreme temperature range. Provides superior long-term adhesion characteristics in applications where UV and extreme outside temperatures are not an issue.

Silicone Transfer Adhesives

Designed for high temperature laminating applications in the electronics industry. Unsupported silicone transfer adhesives are now widely used in aerospace, medical and automotive applications. This adhesive is often selected for use in custom applications where performance is very critical.

Our Transfer Adhesives are widely used in the following markets:

  • Gasket Fabrication
  • Foam Fabrication
  • Appliances
  • Nameplate
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Optical
Double Coated Tapes
Double Coated Tapes
Acrylic Transfer Adhesives
Acrylic Transfer Adhesives
          High-Strength Rubber Transfer Adhesive
High-Strength Rubber Transfer Adhesive
XT Rubber - Double Coated Foam Tape
Rubber – Double Coated Foam Tape

To speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at  800-249-0337 or email us at

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