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What is Cohesive?

Cohesive, also called “Cold Seal Adhesive” is designed to stick only to itself.

Cohesive is applied to each surface to be bonded together and then Dried.  The final bond is not created until the two Dried surfaces make contact again.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a Full Line of:

  • Natural Latex Cohesives

  • Synthetic Latex Cohesives

Cohesive is often used for Medical Bandages and applications including – Food Packaging – Medical Packaging – Paper Converting – Product Assembly.

Our Cohesive can be formulated for Low – Medium or Very Strong Final bonds to a variety of Porous and Non-Porous substrates including – UV, Clay Coated and SBS Papers, Films, Foils, Woods, Plastics, Corrugated material, Coated board and Vinyl.

Cohesive is “100% water-based” with no VOCs and can be Custom Formulated to be – FDA Compliant for Direct and Indirect Food and Skin Contact.

We can Coat our Cohesives onto many different substrates including felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various medical and industrial applications.

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Benefits of Cohesive:

  • Cohesive is designed for high speed Cold Seal packaging.

  • FDA clearances for Food contact.

  • Good die-cutting or laser cutting quality.

  • High flexibility.

  • Adhesion to difficult substrates.

Cohesive / Cold Seals are widely used for these applications:

  • Medical Bandages-FDA Approval for Direct Skin Contact

  • Self-Seal Envelopes, Kraft bags

  • Corrugated Box – Flaps, Side Seam

  • Coating Films

  • Coating Foils

  • Coating Papers

  • Product Assembly

  • Protective Packaging Wraps

  • Papers Wrappers- Candy/Money


Below are some of our most common types of Cohesive.  For more information on our Full Line of Cohesive products, please contact us.

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
8209Cohesive for Candy Bar Wrappers. Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Medical Bandages or Candy Bar Sealing. Can be made at any Viscosity. Approved for FDA Direct Skin Contact.Request >>
8217Cohesive for Medical Bandages. Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Coating Medical Bandages. Can be made at any Viscosity. Approved for FDA Direct Skin Contact.Request >>
8221Cohesive with Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Furniture Wrap, Strong Final Bonds. Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>
8222Cohesive with Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Coating Bubble Wrap, Very Strong Final Bonds. Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>
8223Cohesive with Fast Initial Tack, Designed for Furniture Wrap, Very Strong Final Bonds. Can be made at any Viscosity.Request >>

Cohesive adhesive is a unique type of adhesive that is primarily used in the paper and printing industries. It is also used for bonding textiles, films, and foils. Cohesive adhesive is a non-tacky material that can adhere to itself, creating a strong bond without leaving residue or damaging the surface.

One of the main benefits of cohesive adhesive is its ability to create a tamper-evident seal. The adhesive will bond to itself, but not to the substrate it is applied to, making it difficult to remove without leaving evidence of tampering. This makes cohesive adhesive an ideal solution for sealing packages and envelopes.

Cohesive is available in a variety of formulations, including water-based and solvent-based options. Water-based cohesive adhesive is a popular choice due to its environmentally friendly nature and ease of use. Solvent-based cohesive adhesive offers excellent bonding strength and is often used in applications that require a higher level of adhesion.

Cohesive adhesive can be applied in a variety of ways, including by hand or by machine. It can be applied as a hot melt, which is melted and applied in a liquid state, or as a cold adhesive, which is applied in a solid state and activated by pressure or heat.

At Cattie Adhesives, we offer a wide range of cohesive adhesive solutions to meet your specific application needs. Our team of experts can help you select the right adhesive for your project and provide technical support throughout the process.

Contact us today to learn more about our cohesive adhesive options.

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