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Polyethylene Hot Melt

Polyethylene hot melt adhesive is most commonly used as a Packaging and Paper Converting adhesive designed for bonding well to porous substrates, they are best for use in moderate temperature ranges and where minimum flexibility is required.

Polyethylene based hot melt

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of Polyethylene based Hot Melt.  Our Polyethylene Hot Melts can be custom formulated for specific applications where Super-Fast Set Time, Clean Machining and strong adhesion to various substrates is needed.

Polyehtylene hot melt has excellent pot life stability, light color, offer high heat resistance and are not prone to charring or odor.

We also have the capability to Coat our Polyethylene Hot Melt onto many different substrates including felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various medical and industrial applications.

Our Polyethylene hot melts are commonly used in the following Applications:

  • Agriculture Cases
  • Case, Tray and Carton Sealing
  • Multi-wall and Specialty Bags
  • Freezer Grade Packaging
  • Meat & Poultry Cases
  • Packaging
  • Sift Proof Cartons
  • Tray Forming

Below are some of the most common Polyethylene Hot Melts we offer:

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
8161Polyethylene hot melt, General purpose Packaging, Application Temperature 350F, Fast Set, Light Tan, 900cps at 350F.Request >>
8163Polyethylene hot melt, General purpose Packaging, Application Temperature 350F, Medium Set, Light Tan, 2100cps at 350F.Request >>
8310Polyethylene hot melt, Freezer Grade, Application Temperature 350F, Medium-Fast Set, Light Tan, 1500cps at 350F.Request >>

Polyethylene Hot Melt

Polyethylene hot melt is a versatile adhesive that has excellent bonding properties to a variety of substrates. This adhesive is widely used in the packaging, automotive, and construction industries due to its strong bonding capabilities and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.


Polyethylene hot melt is commonly used in the packaging industry for bonding plastic films and paperboard. It is also used in the automotive industry for bonding interior components such as headliners, door panels, and carpeting. In the construction industry, polyethylene hot melt is used for bonding insulation and roofing materials.

Features and Benefits

Polyethylene hot melt offers several benefits, including:

  1. Strong Bonding: This adhesive has excellent bonding properties to a variety of substrates, including plastic films, paperboard, and foam.
  2. Temperature Resistance: Polyethylene hot melt adhesive can withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for use in applications where temperature fluctuations are common.
  3. Versatility: This adhesive is suitable for use with a wide range of materials, making it a versatile option for many applications.
  4. Fast Setting: Polyethylene hot melt adhesive sets quickly, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.
  5. Moisture Resistance: This adhesive has good moisture resistance, which helps prevent bond failure in humid environments.
  6. Cost-Effective: Polyethylene hot melt adhesive is a cost-effective option for bonding applications, offering strong bonding capabilities at an affordable price point.

If you are looking for a reliable adhesive for your packaging, automotive, or construction needs, consider polyethylene hot melt. With its strong bonding capabilities, temperature resistance, and versatility, it is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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