Spray Adhesive

 Cattie Adhesives – Spray Adhesive

What is Spray Adhesive?

Spray Adhesive, also called  “Multipurpose Spray Adhesive”  is a specially formulated, fast-drying, industrial strength adhesive designed to stick to a wide variety of lightweight materials.

Cattie Adhesives supplies an  Industrial Strength Spray Adhesive  that is a clear, water white, non-staining, mist-type adhesive that does not contain methylene chloride.  It has fast, aggressive tack and low soak-in; making it a great choice for bonding to most lightweight porous surfaces.

Our Industrial Strength Spray Adhesive can be used for various applications including- Fabrics, Foams, Lightweight Assembly, Display and Packaging, Case Sealing and Labeling Applications.  It forms strong bonds to materials including paper, felt, cardboard, fabric, polyurethane foam, plastic, metal, wood and more.

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