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What is Hot Melt Adhesive?Hot-Melt-Adhesive-mini chips

Some Key benefits of using Hot Melt Adhesive:

  • Hot melt Adhesive is 100% solids and environmentally friendly.
  • Hot melts have Fast Set Speed to allow for higher speed production lines.
  • Hot melts have a long shelf life and do not require special storage.
  • Hot melts stick to almost any substrate and provide great final bonds.
  • Hot melts can be designed to have longer open time and can be used in – High Heat and Deep Freeze environments.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives
for most Industrial applications including:

– Door Panel Assembly
– Sound Deadener Installation
– Headliner Assembly
– Impact Block Bonding
– Carpet Attachment
– Seat Building & Assembly

– Cabinet Assembly
– Drawer Bottom Bonding
– Vanity Back Assembly
– Mirror Assembly
– Profile Wrapping
– Office Panel Assembly

–Window Sealing
– Pallet Fabrication
– Pre-Fab Wall Construction

– Trim Installation
– Insulation Bonding
– Gasketing

– P.O.P. Display Assembly
– Foam Insert Bonding

– Case Closing
– Tray Forming
– Carton Sealing
– Bag Sealing
– Over Wrapping
– Pallet Load Stabilization
– Dunnage Assembly

– Case Binding
– Joint Making
– Side Glue
– Insert Bonding

– Sand Core Bonding

– Standing Seam Assembly
– Panel Bonding
– Seam Sealing

– Insulation Bonding
– Duct Sealing

– Potting & Encapsulating
– Wire Tacking
– Small Component Assembly

– End Cap Bonding
– Pleat Separation
– Seam & Pleat Sealing

– Pillow-Top Assembly
– Non-Woven Attachments

– Laminating
– Plastic Corrugations
– General Assembly

– Labels
– Business Forms
– Multi-Wall Bag Construction
– Flexible Ducting
– Casket Assembly
– Luggage Assembly
– Paint Roller Fabrication
– Scrub Sponge Bonding
– Football Helmet Assembly
– Flower Arrangement Bonding
– Ornament Assembly
– Toy Fabrication
– Lamp Shade Bonding
– Basket Assembly
– Cap Lining


Automotive Assembly, Bookbinding, Case, Tray & Carton Sealing,  Container Labeling,  Insect Trap & Rodent Trap, Laminating, Non-Wovens, Packaging, Padding,  Paper Converting, Product Assembly, Tape & Labels & Woodworking.

Our Hot Melts can be Custom Formulated to be:  Permanent,  Removable,  Pressure Sensitive,  Repositionable,  Clear or  Light in Color,  Non-Staining,  Fast or Slow Setting,  Outdoor Weather Stabilized,  UV light detectable,  Fire Retardant.

Our Bulk Hot Melt adhesives are used for many Automated  High Speed Production Lines and High Volume adhesive bonding processes.

We offer some  Specialty Grade Hot melts including:

  • UL Approved Hot Melts: UL # MH28876. UL approved adhesives for Insulation and HVAC applications. # 9761.

  • Automotive Grade Assembly Hot Melts formulated to meet requirements of General Motors GM Specification 998 5676.  # 9195.

  • Heat Seal Lidding Hot Melts – Extrusion/Co-Extrusion/Gravure/Slot Die- FDA Direct – HIPS, PET, PVC, PETG, OPET, CPET, Foils.  # 8159.

  • Cap Liner Hot Melts – for Induction Seal and Torque Seal Cap Liners.

  • Hot Melts with UV / Black Light Indictor added.  # 8403UV.

  • Polyester Hot Melt Adhesives for Dry Cleaning and Chemical Resistance.  # 8599.

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Sheets for packaging, promotional media, POP displays, shipping labels.


Hot Melt – Adhesive Coating Services

Our Heat Seal Hot Melts and Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts can be Coated onto most materials.

We have the capability to Coat our Hot Melt Adhesives onto many different substrates including – felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various medical and industrial applications.

Our Strength and Focus is in Custom hot melt adhesive coatings.  If you require a product to be coated with a heat seal hot melt or pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive; We may have it in stock; Otherwise, you can Send us your substrate and we will Coat it with one of our Heat Seal or Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts for you.

We can supply our Heat Seal Hot Melts and Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive in Rollstock Form.

Our Hot Melt Products in Roll stock form include:

  • Hot Melt Heat Seal and Heat re-activated hot melts.
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive in Rollstock form.
  • Acrylic Hot Melt Adhesives in Rollstock form.
  • Face Stocks and Liners evaluation and selection.
  • Custom Formulated Hot Melt Adhesives Coated onto your substrate.
  • Rollstock Products for the Label and Forms Industries.
  • Heat Seal Hot Melt Tin-Tie Tape for Coffee Bag applications.
  • Pattern Adhesive Coating.
  • Piggyback (multi-ply) Constructions.
  • Package Reclosure Systems – Designed with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
  • Heat Seal Transfer Tapes and Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt tapes.
  • Heat Seal Tapes and Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Tapes.

Click below for more information on our most common applications for Bulk Hot Melts and Coated Hot Melt Adhesives:



Our Hot Melt Adhesive Technologies include:
(Click below for more details)

  • Hot-Melt APAOs
  • Hot-Melt PEs
  • Hot-Melt Fugitive
  • Hot-Melt Metallocene
  • Hot-Melt Polyethylene
  • Hot-Melt Pressure Sensitive
  • Hot-Melt PURs
  • Hot-Melt Polyamide

* Our Bulk Hot Melt Product Forms Include: Pellets, Mini-Chips, Chips, Pillows, Chubs and Menasha trays.

* Hot Melt Product Packaging Options: 25lb, 35lb & 50lb boxes, Fiber Drums and Bulk Corrugated Boxes.

Need more information?  To speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples or pricing, please call 800-249-0337  or email us at

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive

Cattie Adhesives – Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive


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What is Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive?

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive is best known for its Aggressive Bond Strength, Low Temperature Flexibility and High Heat Resistance; making it an excellent choice for sticking many difficult to bond, low energy substrates.

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSA) are unique because they do not solidify to form a hard material; they remain permanently tacky and have the ability to wet-out substrates on contact. The bonds are formed by bringing the PSA adhesive in contact with the substrate and applying pressure.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of high performance Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives; available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity.

We also have the capability to Coat our Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives onto many different substrates including  – felts, films, foams, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various  Medical Tape  and Industrial Tape applications.  


Our Pressure Sensitive hot melts are commonly used in the following Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Bookbinding
  • Diapers
  • Direct Mail
  • Frozen Foods
  • Graphic Arts
  • Insect Traps / Rodent Traps
  • Labeling & Tapes
  • Packaging- Foods, Products
  • Paper Converting
  • Product Assembly
  • Security Bags & Envelopes

Below are some of our most common Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts; for information on the full line of products, please contact us.

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
9030High Tack, Low Viscosity, Clear, Pressure Sensitive hot melt for bonding various substrates, Designed for Freezer Grade Applications.Request >>
C337High Tack, Low Viscosity, Pressure Sensitive hot melt, bonds well to most coated paper and paperboards, good for Direct Mail applications.Request >>
9195AHigh Tack, Medium Viscosity, Pressure Sensitive hot melt, High Heat Resistance, Designed for Automotive interior Assembly.Request >>
8253High Tack, Medium Viscosity, Pressure Sensitive hot melt, High Heat Resistance, Designed for Security Bags & Envelopes.Request >>
9744Super High Tack, Medium Viscosity, Pressure Sensitive hot melt, High Heat Resistance, Designed for Tape and Labels.Request >>

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