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NEW LINE of – Metallocene Hot Melts, the Next Step in Advanced Adhesive Technology.

Home NEW LINE of – Metallocene Hot Melts, the Next Step in Advanced Adhesive Technology.

Press Release Date: November 4, 2019

Hot Melt

Packaging hot melt adhesive technology has advanced.  Are you still using the same old hot melt technology?

QUAKERTOWN, PA –Cattie Adhesives introduces a NEW LINE of Metallocene Hot Melt that is proven to lower hot melt adhesive application costs, improve bond strength and overall package appearance. This Metallocene hot melt is currently being used for packaging and case, tray & carton sealing by major food and beverage packaging companies across North America.

Metallocene hot melt adhesive is a new-generation of Packaging hot melt designed for Case, Tray and Carton Sealing.  Metallocene based hot melt adhesives have excellent pot life stability, clear color, offer high heat resistance and are not prone to charring or odor.

Metallocene Hot melt adhesives have demonstrated significant advantages over traditional EVA-based hot melts.  These new-generation hot melts provide end users with real improvements in performance and packaging appearance and provide real ROI by lowering adhesive usage and reducing equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

Our Metallocene Hot Melts are formulated for operation across a broad temperature range of – 40F to 160F; making them a great choice for most Packaging and Tray, Case & Carton Sealing applications.

Our Metallocene hot melt adhesive is designed for exceptional bonding on a wide range of packaging substrates including coated stocks and high recycled-content board. With excellent hot tack, our Metallocene hot melt can grab quickly to avoid pop-opens with high-memory boards.

Metallocene hot melt adhesive offers a combination of low density, exceptional bond strength and higher mileage than traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate- EVA hot melt adhesives.

Metallocene hot melt uses 20 to 30 percent less adhesive than EVA. As a result, Metallocene hot melt adhesive delivers a better value and higher cost savings for your company.

Metallocene hot melt adhesive is available from Cattie Adhesives. For more information, visit or to learn more about the company, visit

About Cattie Adhesives:

Cattie Adhesives is a leading US Manufacturer and Value-added supplier of Hot Melts, Water-Based Adhesives, Cohesive and Dextrin.  Our depth and breadth of knowledge in Adhesives, Adhesive Application Equipment and Adhesive Technical Support Services has allowed us to become the single-source adhesives supply partner to many companies across North and Central America.

Our primary adhesive products and adhesive technical services include: Hot Melts – APAOs, EVAs, Fugitive, HMPSAs, Metallocene, PEs, PURs.  Water-based Adhesives – Acrylic, Cohesive, Dextrin, Heat Seal, PSA, Resins.  Custom Formulated Adhesives– Hot Melts, Water-Based, Heat Seals.  Adhesive Technical Support & Consulting Services – Lab Testing services, Technical Phone Support, On-site Technical Support services and Adhesive Coating Services.

Our adhesive products and technical services are backed by the support of a team of dedicated Chemical Engineers, Adhesive Specialists and Customer Support Managers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the Adhesives industry.Cattie Adhesives serves customers in food and beverage packaging, general assembly, direct mail, laminating, paper converting, tapes & labels, woodworking, construction, automotive industry. For more information, visit us at

Edward McDaniel
Corporate Relations

Press Release Summary:

November 4, 2019– Cattie Adhesives introduces a NEW LINE of Metallocene hot melts with aggressive hot tack, designed to grab and hold quickly to prevent container pop-opens. Used for deep freeze to hot fill packaging applications, it performs well across a broad service temperature range from -40 to 160°F.

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