Fugitive Hot Melt Adhesive

What is Fugitive Hot Melt adhesive?

Fugitive hot melt adhesive, also called “Credit Card glue” or “Booger glue”, is a Low-tack adhesive that produces removable, non-permanent bonds.

Fugitive hot melt adhesives form a Temporary Bond between two substrates leaving minimal residue and can be separated without damaging either substrate.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a full line of high performance Fugitive / Removable Hot Melt Adhesives; available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity.

Our Fugitive Hot Melt adhesive can be formulated as Non-Staining and “Water White” Color; making them a great choice for Credit Card Affixing and Direct Mail applications.

Our Fugitive adhesives are widely used on Direct Mail and Marketing materials, where a substrate material – product insert, sample or a return envelope – is glued to another, usually a paper or film – mailing envelope or a magazine.

Fugitive hot melt is not designed to be reseal-able; for this we also make a Repositionable” Hot Melt.

We also have the capability to Coat our Fugitive Hot Melt Adhesives onto many different substrates including felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various medical and industrial applications.

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Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyamide Hot Melt adhesives

Automotive Interiors | Cabinet Assembly | Filter Assembly
General Product Assembly | Textile Laminations | Wood Bonding

Polyamide Hot Melts are best known for their Excellent chemical, grease and oil resistance, Aggressive Bond Strength and High Heat Resistance; making them an excellent choice for many difficult to bond, low energy substrates.

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APAO Hot Melt Adhesives


General Assembly | Foam-in-Place Gasket | Auto Assembly | Weather Seal | Building Components|Furniture Assembly |Automotive Assembly | Edgebanding

What are APAO Hot Melt Adhesives?

APAO hot melt adhesives (Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins), also called Polyolefin Hot Melt adhesives are designed to be a Lower cost adhesive option for most Product Assembly applications.  Polyolefin hot melts are often used as a lower cost replacement for Polyamide Hot Melt applications.

APAO or Polyolefin hot melts are commonly used to bond – Open and Closed Cell Foams to Foams, Metals, Papers, Plastics and Woods.  Polyolefin based hot melts are often used when High Heat Resistance is required or good acid, chemical and fuel resistance is needed.

APAO hot melts are non-crystalline adhesives and are soft, tacky, and flexible; this makes them a great choice for most Product Assembly applications when Long Open Times, High Heat Resistance and Strong Bonds to various substrates is needed.

We also have the capability to  Coat our APAO Hot Melt  onto many different substrates including –  felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various Medical and Industrial applications.

Our APAO / Polyolefin hot melt adhesives are commonly used in the following Applications:

  • Appliances

  • Automotive Assembly- Metals, Foams, Plastics, Filters

  • Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf Installation

  • Foam  &  Mattress Fabricating

  • Cabinet Assembly

  • CD/DVD/Digipak Carton Sleeves

  • Edgebanding

  • Filter Assembly– Air Filters, Oil Filters, Water Filters

  • Filter End Cap Gluing

  • General Product Assembly

  • Diapers

  • Hot Melt Wire & Cable Coating

  • Bag Assembly

  • Feminine Hygiene

  • Athletic Shoes

Common APAO / Polyolefin based Hot Melt Adhesives we offer:

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
9332HVLow Viscosity, Spray-able hot melt for Laminating Foams and bonding various difficult substrates. High Heat Resistance.Request >>
9159High performance hot melt, Medium Viscosity with good adhesion to Foams and a variety of substrates for Product Assembly applications.Request >>
9935LHigh performance hot melt, Long Open Time-2 Min+, Medium Viscosity with good adhesion to Foams and a variety of substrates for Product Assembly.Request >>
9840MHigh performance hot melt, used for artificial turf, Low Viscosity with good adhesion to a variety of substrates.Request >>
9343Super High performance hot melt, used as Polyamide Replacement, Medium Viscosity with good adhesion to a variety of substrates.Request >>

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