Padding Adhesives

Padding Adhesives

What is Padding Adhesive?

Padding Adhesive or Padding Glue is a fast drying hot melt or water-based adhesive designed for flexibility and strength.  Padding adhesive is designed to give a permanent hold. Our Padding adhesive is Non-toxic and contains No VOC’s.

Padding presses are used to bind loose pieces of paper together with a water-based padding adhesive, this process forms a pad of paper. Stacks of paper are placed in a large vice and are then clamped into place. While in the padding machine, padding glue is applied to the back edge of the paper stack using of a padding brush. Once the bind is dry, the stack of paper is removed and can be cut down to size. Padding presses are widely used by binderies, and many other companies in the bookbinding and graphics arts industry.

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a complete line of Hot Melt Padding Adhesives and Water based Padding Adhesives for many types of Padding applications including Checkbooks, Paper Stationery and Prescription pads.

We make a full line of hot melts for Brackett Padding machines and have 3 versions of our padding hot melt available for use in sticking Normal, Difficult or Very Difficult substrates.

Our Padding Hot Melts and Water based Padding adhesives are formulated to meet specific application requirements for color, bond strength, heat resistance and other performance standards.

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