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Cattie Adhesives has deep market application knowledge of Laminating adhesives based on VAE- PVA – PVOH water based adhesives and 100% Solids hot melt and PUR technologies.


We have expertise in formulating Custom Adhesives based on polyurethane and hot melts, based on EVA, APAO, metallocene and polyethylene chemistry.

Laminating Adhesives – Types of laminates, primers, tie layers, for dry , wet bonding,  extrusion lamination

  • One and two part water-based adhesives based on VAE, PVA, acrylic emulsion and polyurethane EVA dispersions.
  • One part moisture cure reactive polyurethanes PURs 100% solids PUR hot melts.
  • One and two part water borne adhesives based on VAE, PVAc, PVOH, Acrylic, SBR and other Latex copolymers
  • Hot melts for lamination based on EVA, APAO, Polyethylene ,metallocene

Application Methods

  • Direct gravure, reverse gravure
  • Flexo
  • Smooth Roll
  • Differential roll coaters , slot coaters
  • Extrusion coaters
  • Coex  and tandem lamination extruders
  • Smooth roll laminators 3,4,5 roll systems

Dispensing – Laminating equipment

  • Meter mix  dispensing units  from Graco, Liquid Controls, Dopag, Pyles, Valco
  • Drybond wet bond  laminators  Faustel, PCMC, Inta Rota, Black Bros glue spreaders

Markets Covered and typical structures

  • Snack, dry food  and confectionery   PP/PP, PP/ MET/, Cello/Cello
  • Fabric / fabric , Fabric / film ,foam (PU,EVA,EPS)
  • Fresh cut produce   PP/PP, PE/PE
  • Aqueous ,snack, and condiment   PET/PE, PP/PE, METPET/PE
  • Meat and cheese  PET/PVDC//PE, Nylon/PVDC//PE, METPET//PE
  • Confectionery, Coffee, Coffee Brick Packs  METPET/PE, PP/Nylon/Foil/PE
  • Steam Autoclave, ETO pouches  Medical  PET/Cast PP
  • Decorative Bags Overlays  Paper/PP, or METPP, Acetate , PET
  • Industrial  PET/PE, PET/Foil, wood working HPL

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