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Cattie Adhesives is a US Manufacturer and Value-added supplier of Hot Melts, HMPSA, Water-Based Adhesives, Solvent-Based Adhesives, Heat Seal, PSA, PUR, Cohesive and Dextrin.


Hot Melt Adhesive Usage Calculator
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Our Adhesive Applications Focus:

Acoustical Panel and Sound Proofing Adhesives
Barrier Coatings
Bookbinding Adhesives and Graphic Arts Adhesives
Brewery Packaging and Bottle Labeling Adhesives
Cabinet Assembly Adhesives
Contact Cements
Container Labeling Adhesives
Direct Mail Adhesives
Envelope Manufacturing Adhesives
Extrusion Adhesives
Flooring Adhesives
Heat Seal for Blister Packs
Heat Seal for Labels and Lidding
Hot Melt Adhesives for Filter Manufacturing
Insect Traps and Rodent Traps Adhesive
Laminating Adhesives
Non-woven Adhesives
Padding Adhesives
Paperboard and Packaging Adhesives
Product Assembly Adhesives
Spray-able Adhesives- water and Solvent based
Tape and Label Adhesives
Tissue, Towel, Tube & Core Winding Adhesives
Woodworking Adhesives

Our primary adhesive products and services include:

Our adhesive products and technical services are backed by the support of a team of dedicated Chemical Engineers, Adhesive Specialists and Customer Support Managers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the Adhesives industry.

For Help Choosing the best Adhesive for Your Application

Please Call us at 800-249-0337 – To Request a Product SDS, TDS, Pricing, Lead times, and to explore the many adhesive options we have to offer. We look forward to providing you with the adhesive that will maximize efficiency and profitability for your company.

Hot Melt – Trouble Shooting Tips

Problem Possible CauseSuggested Solution
StringingApplication temp. too lowRaise application temp. DO NOT exceed recommended application temp.
Viscosity of adhesives is HIGHRaise application temp. DO NOT exceed recommended application temp.
Substrate is too far from applicator tip.Position substrate closer to tip.
Substrate temp. is too coldPre-warm substrate to increase surface temperature.
Poor nozzle shut offClean Nozzle and repair. If problem persists, contact equipment manufacturer.
Charring/Gelling in ReservoirReservoir temp. too highLower reservoir temperature
Faulty heating controlCheck control and replace
Surface oxidationMaintain level of adhesive in reservoir. Keep reservoir covered; with some adhesives, nitrogen blanket may be necessary.
Dripping NozzleWorn needle or seatReplace
Nozzle dirtyClean or replace
Air in Adhesive at Applicator TipExtrusion head faultyConsult with the manufacturer for a recommendation
Reservoir is out of adhesive.Bleed lines and refill reservoir. Reset or replace valve.
Poor AdhesionAdhesive bond shows that the glue film is mostly on one surface which is caused by improper penetration of the secondary surface.A) Apply heavier glue film and/or apply adhesive hotter. Sometimes both approaches are necessary.

B) In the case of very conductive surfaces (metals) the substrate may have to be preheated to assure proper penetration of the secondary substrate.
Bond failure shows adhesive on both surfaces with leggy strains.Usually caused by disturbing the Bond during the setting stage.A) Check compression to assure that there is no shifting during adhesive set up.

B) Apply less adhesive.

C) Lower adhesive Temperature.
Poor penetration of substrate coatingA) Apply adhesive hotter.

B) Combine substrates quicker.

C) Lower adhesive temperature.
Glossy adhesive surface usually caused by poor contact with the secondary substrate. Temperature too low for proper wet out.A) Adjust compression to assure intimate contact of substrates.

B) Increase adhesive temperature.
Substrates Popping openHot melt is not cooling rapidly enoughA) Lower application temperature.

B) Decrease amount of adhesive applied.
Substrate is too hot to achieve proper cooling of adhesiveCool substrates to room temperature if possible.

For more detailed hot melt trouble shooting tips, or to speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at 1-800-249-0337 or email us at [email protected]

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Hot Melt Cost Calculator

Hot Melt Adhesive – Dot and Bead Cost

Cost of Hot Melt Per lb.DropSmall DotDime DotQuarter Dot
$2.00 / lb$0.0004 $0.00140 $0.0028 $0.007
$3.00 / lb $0.0006 $0.00215 $0.0042 $0.0105
$4.00 / lb $0.0008 $0.00290 $0.0056 $0.014
$5.00 / lb $0.0010 $0.00360 $0.0070 $0.0175
$6.00 / lb $0.0012 $0.00430 $0.0084 $0.021
Drop 5,000 / lbSmall Dot 1,428 / lbDime Dot 714 / lb Quarter Dot 285 / lb

Cost of Hot Melt Per lbBead
1/8" Wide
1 Foot Long
1/4" Wide
1 Foot Long
3/8" Wide
1 Foot Long
1/2" Wide
1 Foot Long
$2.00 / lb$.0071$.0149$.0227 $.0307
$3.00 / lb$.0106$.0223$.0341 $.0461
$4.00 / lb$.0141$.0297 $.0455 $.0614
$5.00 / lb$.0176$.0372$.0569$.0768
$6.00 / lb$.0212$.0446$.0682$.0921
1/8" Bead 281 feet Per Pound1/4" Bead 134 feet Per Pound3/8" Bead 88 feet Per Pound1/2" Bead 65 feet Per Pound

Our primary adhesive products and services include:

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