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Cattie Adhesives – Dowelling Adhesives

With over 40 years of experience in the adhesives business – Cattie Adhesives is a trusted leader in the manufacturing and distribution of  Dowelling Adhesives.

Cattie Adhesives offers Dowelling Adhesives for applications including the production of furniture – baseboards – drawer frames  – doorframes.


  • PVA adhesives for doweling.

  • Precision accuracy with clean nozzle cut-offs.

  • Adhesives for automated doweling machinery.

  • Reduced adhesive build-up at the nozzle tip.

PVA based Adhesives for dowelling are commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture – hardwoods  – Softwoods – wood-based substrates.

The preferred application technology for Dowelling Adhesives today is fully automated industrial adhesive application equipment, chosen for its precise cut-off  or process-optimised horizontal adjustable width slot nozzles, applied at very high speeds up to 300 ‘ /minute.

Doweling Adhesives:

  • We make doweling adhesive for horizontal and vertical  assembly lines.  Also Overhead and No Drip doweling adhesives.

  • Our Doweling Adhesive forms a tough-elastic glue film and can be custom formulated for your process.

  • We offer High performance adhesives for doweling: PVA – EVA – Hot Melts.

Our dowelling adhesives:

Our Doweling Glues are specifically designed for use with automatic doweling machinery. The low viscosity allows the appropriate flow through feed lines and injectors of most doweling machinery.

Our Doweling adhesive sets fast to reduce assembly time, offers excellent strength and provides a translucent glue line. It is formulated for use on –  solid woods –  particleboard –  MDF –  plywood and other porous materials.

Product #s Coming Soon.  Stay tuned.

Choosing the best Adhesive for Your Application

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