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Heat Seal Adhesives and Coatings For Cups – Labels – Lidding – Paper Plates

Home Heat Seal Adhesives and Coatings For Cups – Labels – Lidding – Paper Plates

Cattie Adhesives manufactures a Full Line of Heat Seal Coatings For Cups – Labels – Lidding – Paper Plates.

Our Heat Sealing Coating products include:

Hot Melt Heat Seal Adhesives – Heat Seal Tapes & Films – Water-based Heat Seal – Solvent based Heat Seal.

Our Heat Seal Adhesives and Coatings can be applied by different methods including – Knife over roll, reverse roll, nip roller, gravure, brush, spray or roller.

The Heat Sealing process can be performed Both In-line or after initial application.

Our Heat Seals can also be Custom formulated for specialty applications to meet requirements for –

Viscosity, Solids %, Non-blocking, Clarity & Heat Sealing Temperature.  

Cattie Adhesives offers a wide range of heat seal adhesives in order to create optimal packaging solutions.

Our Goal is to optimize the heat seal adhesive for your specific process,  to maximize the effectiveness on your application machinery.

We have the ability to Coat our Heat Seals onto many different substrates including  –  felts, films, liners, magnet, papers, plastics, and textiles; for various Food packaging, Medical and Industrial applications.

We can supply our Heat Seal adhesives in  – Tape and Coated Roll Stock Form.  

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